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A Drop in the Bucket--Liu Haisu Arts Review Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2006-03-07至2006-03-17
  • Venues: Hall 4 & 6
In a bid to commemorate the 110th Birthday of Mr. Liu Haisu, "A Drop in the Bucket--Liu Haisu Arts Review Exhibition" is to be open on March 6, 2006 in China National Museum of Fine Arts.

Mr. Liu Haisu is one of the fine arts pioneers in China in 20th Century, as well as one of the founding fathers of Chinese fine arts education. He began to engage in arts as early as before the Revolution of 1911 (the Chinese bourgeois democratic revolution led by Dr, Sun Yat-sen which overthrew the Qing Dynasty). In 1912, he established Shanghai Artistic Training School (by then "Shanghai Painting Fine Arts Academy"). Moreover, fro the first time he proposes in 1914 to use human body to conduct sketch training. He was not refrained by custom and highlighted his personality and took the lead to rank out, so that he has created lots of achievements. In arts, he took courage to strive for integration of Chinese and western style. His contribution also covered oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, poem, theory of fine arts, etc. He was the Chinese master educator in 20th Century in fine arts with far-reaching influence. More importantly, in late stage of his life, Mr. Liu Haisu contributed his major works in life and treasures to the state. This time of exhibition is just part of his treasure.

This year is the 110th Birthday of Mr. Liu Haisu. China National Museum of Fine Arts and Liu Haisufine Arts ,have jointly selected nearly a hundred of works and valuable documents to launch the review exhibition in order to commemorate this renowned painter and fine arts educator. It is not only summarization and review about his arts carrier, but a new sorting out in fine arts in 20th Century China. It is known that Mr. Liu Haisu has made great contribution in fine arts education. However, introduction to this has been to general up till now, still less the in-depth study. This exhibition pushed out large amount of valuable historical photos from Shanghai Artistic Training School, demonstrating his achievements in enhancing Chinese fine arts education.

The whole exhibition is composed of Liu Haisu's traditional Chinese painting, oil painting and documents. Works for exhibition include his oil painting magnum opus Front Gate and Sunflower that had won French autumn saloon renowned works exhibition, as well as early oil painting magnum opus newly restored in 2005, Setting Sun, Riverside, Lake View, Sauna River, Sauntering in Woods, etc. These works are uninhibited and of strong flavor. In term of traditional Chinese painting, there is extant earliest works as well as magnum opus in different periods. Among them, Sky and Water Mingling into A Line adopts dark green as the base tune color for the main peak and the remote mountain is in ocher. Color using is pure and simple. Thus the quality is made profound with grand vigor. It reflects historical process and direction of development in traditional Chinese painting in 20th Century. These works for exhibition are not only important documents for research into Liu Haisu's arts carrier, but also the unique documents for research into Chinese painting in 29th Century.
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