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300 Years of Russian Arts--State-run Terichekov Fine Arts Museum Treasures Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2006-03-23至2006-05-15
  • Venues:
Kramskoi, Liebing, Sheshikin, Lievitan……,these great names in Russian arts history come to Beijing with the advent of "Russian Year". As the important presentation for opening of the "Russian Year", "300 years of Russian Arts--State-run Terichekov Fine Arts Museum Treasures Exhibition" is to be opened on March 22, 2006 in China National Museum of Fine Arts.

This exhibition altogether pushed out 110 painting works, all provided by renowned Russian State-run Terichekov Fine Arts Museum. Terichekov Fine Arts Museum is the most important arts treasure bank in Russia, which keeps large amount of arts treasures representing Russian national spirit as well as cultural accumulation. After viewing these elaborately selected nearly a hundred works, historical scroll of Russian painting development from 18th to 20th Century will uncurled out before us.

The exhibition is ushered in from a portrait of Peter Emperor, showing the superior skill and insight of Russian painting in 18th Century. Ensuing the portrait century is the sudden expansive of painting in 19th Century and there is a vying development of landscape paining and figure painting. Great Russian literature has left profound impression in Russian painting arts and invigorated the custom painting showing the daily life.

"Itinerant Exhibition Painting School" is a glorious chapter in 1970's in Russian painting history. This school has turned a new chapter in European history with the art ideology oriented towards reality and expression of life. Renowned works with strong favor of Russian oil painting will go mature after long time. This time, works of realistic maters gathered in Beijing, constituting the historical cultural ceremony. The exhibition includes portraits of Kramskoi and Liebing, as well as landscape paintings of Shieshikin, Livitan and Safa Rasofa.

Russian painting at the turn of 19th and 20th Century present a scene of diversity. Influenced by modern western arts, there came on the stage fine arts of multifarious styles, schools and groups, including emotional and elegant styles like Sherof and Somofa, as well as avant-garde representative like Kongcheroverski, Mashkov, Saliangri Alteman, etc. They have important works for this exhibition.

The last part is the works in the period of Soviet Union. The huge presentation of works full of life flavor brings out the charm of realistic painting style. The exhibition includes famous works of Alexandria Jierinieka, Alexandria Samahwarov as well as large-scale works of Geri Koeyev. Elaborate portrait paint of Chinese girl by Anderi Meirinikov and Vikoto Nieqityro and theme painting of Tyer Sarahov and Vikoto Bopkov.

China National Museum of Fine Arts is the first stop for this the travel in China in this exhibition as well as the unique stop. In order to create the atmosphere of classical culture in the exhibition, China National Museum of Fine Arts is especially designed into an elegant space of arts, where visitor can sail in the exhibition ,just like rambling in the museum in Red Square of Moscow, experience 300 years of development of Russian arts, taste supreme outlook of the classical art works and sense the fragrant Russian culture. It is the witness for friendly tie between Chinese and Russian people. It carries with friendship, emotion, hope and vision.
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