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The First Annual Exhibition in 2006 of the Oriental Imagination

  • Show Time: 2006-03-18至2006-03-29
  • Venues: Hall 3
The First Annual Exhibition in 2006 of the Oriental Imagination participated by eight artists, namely Zeng Xiaofeng, SunLiang, Liu Dahong, Qi Mengguag, TangHui, LvPeng, Liang Changsheng, and ZhongQiao, is to attenuate the concept that canvas is a westerner's painting from the standpoint of Chinese culture, by applying oil painting only as a tool for artistic creation, to produce works different from that of western countries with distinctive characteristics of oriental culture. The exhibition starts from the most primitive oriental philosophy of mysticism but with an advanced representation defined directly by Post modernism.

The main characteristic of their production are established on the Chinese philosophy of mysticism and on ingenious thoughts and clever ideas of "spontaneousness". They take the fables, stories of gods and spirits, legend of knights and swordsmen in the folk tales, the well-known historical figures, stories and events, or daily life of people as the subjects of their paintings. The rendering is fine combination of traditional culture and the culture of fashion. In the process of painting, they turn to all culture resources possibly available to them with open minds, boundless spirits and an unrestrained and vigorous style that brims with talent. By combining the painting subjects of different times, different styles and of incompatible natures, coupling with strong sensitivity, broad imagination, and mysterious wisdom, they have, through ways of decomposing, replacing, diverting, dislocating, splicing and regrouping, created the post modern pictures that go far beyond the reality, time and space; brought about magic paintings that are complicated, full of dislocation of time and space, combination of man and animals and wars between good and evil; elaborated on a modern fable that are presented through oriental demonstration and comparison.

The oriental imagination of the aesthetic appreciation highlights the unchained exertion of imagination and the exuberant expression of subtle feelings of artists. The living spirit of the oriental mysticism is soaring up in the language that brims with the vernacular characteristics so exquisitely prepared by the artists. We are looking forward that this kind of aesthetic thoughts can be further promoted and carried forward after the exhibition and its related academic seminars.
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