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Oil Painting Diary of Wan Jiyuan-Peace Pigeon Flying over Jerusalem

  • Show Time: 2006-02-15至2006-02-21
  • Venues: Hall 3
Wan Jiyuan was the first Chinese oil painter who went to Israel alone. He recorded and extended his life line by diary-like paintings.

In the deep night of Oct.16th, 2004, the painter finally step on the flight to Israel after abnormally strict check-up and started his art tour which aroused friends' worries.

People felt horrified to this warm land for the reason of long-period wars and uninterrupted bombing attacks.However, the artist never felt nervous or scared during the period in Israel.The people living on this warm land moved the artist for their desire of peace, friendliness, hard work and wisdom, as well as their attitudes towards life. The artist recorded his own experiences by paint brush, delivered his feelings by art works. The artist wanted to tell the whole world: the peace is the wish of all peoples in Middle East, and yet the rights of all people.

The artist will continues his art tour in Gaza and other beautiful places in the world, for it is not only the art tour, but also the tour of friendliness and peace.The artist sees peace pigeons flying over Jerusalem and wishes that could be the symbol of peace and hope.
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