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“@What—Chinese art of New Generation” Contemporary Artistic Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2013-02-05至2013-04-04
  • Venues: Arko Arts Theater
Under the background of the globalization, China is undergoing the urbanization and entering the electronic age. Such high technology as telecommunication is changing the life mode of the Chinese people even their thinking mode. Especially technological development brings about unprecedented influence on creation methods and concepts of the young artists. The exhibition showcases a total of 70 pieces of devices created by 8 representative young artists as well as paintings, video and multi-media.
 “@”,a landmark sign in the electronic age, is an important part of life style of the youths and imply a brand-new status. “What” is a representation of the unpredictability, the strangeness and multiple possibilities under new creation circumstances by young artists. And “what” further reflects psychological thoughts and artistic expression about new social phenomena in the process of urbanization by the artists. “@What—Chinese art of New Generation” Contemporary Artistic Exhibition is regarded as academic discussion on the topic and reflects how to make use of new thinking modes and linguistic methods to create the latest artworks in the fast-changing society. China and the Republic of Korea experienced similar contemporary time with strong political background and now are faced with rapid urbanization and unpredictable future. Therefore, the exhibition is intended to help the visitors understand the problems faced by each country, which are also questions shared both.   
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