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Interactive Vision – Cross-Straits Contemporary Exhibition in 2013

  • Show Time: 2013-05-04至2013-07-07
  • Venues: National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Cross-Straits Contemporary Exhibition in 2013, following the motto of contemporary time-oriented motto, intends to showcase the latest achievements of contemporary artistic creation in both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The exhibition is also expected to reflect the experience in life and culture and creative thoughts on the nature of the art across the Straits as well as the commonality and difference under the background of the globalization and the urbanization. The show includes a total of 36 artists, 18 from the mainland and the rest from Taiwan.
Taking the interactive vision as the theme, the exhibition is intended to discuss the observation way of contemporary artistic creation across the Straits and also reflect response by the modern art to multi –dimensional interaction under the circumstance of realistic view, cultural tradition and globalization.
The exhibition stresses on the echo and the dialogue the participants and artworks. Great attention was paid to different responding ways in facing similar presentation contents, media and conceptions when the exhibits were chosen. Therefore, the realization one-to-one correspondence of the artists across the Straits is accomplished in the internal structure and makes the dialogue possible in the same reference system. Besides in-depth cooperation and dialogue in terms of exhibition organization and plan, the two museums have made vigorous efforts to promote academic discussion and public education. Both museums have strived to make public participation as part of exchange and extend the dimension of exchange and dialogue.
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