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Great Way Prevailing: Chinese Contemporary Public Art Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2012-10-02至2013-02-14
  • Venues: Downtown of Kassel

The exhibition is an important visual art program in Chinese Culture Year held in Germany in 2012, the exhibition composed of 21 pieces / sets large-scale works comprising sculptures, installations, performances of new media and other forms; 22 participating artists all are active young artists in China, among them there are also several young Chinese contemporary artists. Exhibition works are displayed in prominent location in downtown area of Kassel, and thus Chinese contemporary art walk into the living space of Western public and come into the culture and memory of Kassel city.

The exhibition adds new artistic scenery to the city full of cultural symbol and has Western viewers get to know status quo of China’s contemporary arts, particularly public art through its latest achievements, which contributes a unique artistic exchange and dialogue. To embody the depth and breadth of international art exchange by virtue of novel horizons and organization planning approach, especially dialogue between arts from different countries on cultural level. This exhibition uses "dialogue" as the clue to organize and plan every aspect and employ "dialogue" as the key word to link the inner logic among works, these "dialogues" are mainly embodied in the following aspects:

Dialogue with urban history;

Dialogue with urban art and natural landscape;

Dialogue between Eastern culture and Western culture.

Thus, art works in this exhibition form interconnectedness between art works through various aspects of the dialogue and meanwhile get involved in the history, art and natural landscape and cultural context of the city Kassel.

The most important is the exhibition shows new creation inspiration and express form of China’s young artists and embodies, from various aspects and with distinct personality and personal experience, how arts reflect social evolution and real life change. The exhibits are varied, large-sized and magnificent.

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