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Openness and Integration——Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2012-08-09至2012-09-09
  • Venues: Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts

“Openness and Integration——Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition” is an important project of cultural exchange between the governments of China and Hungary. National Art Museum of China is glad to cooperate with Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts in holding this exhibition. In last June, “Exhibition of Hungarian Contemporary Art” was successfully held at National Art Museum of China, during which 303 pieces of works showed the development process and unique style of Hungarian contemporary art to China in an all-round way and were favored by Chinese audiences. As a return, National Art Museum of China elaborates the large-scale Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art to make Hungarians know the social change and progress of China in an era of reform and appreciate the thriving Chinese art in the contemporary era. This exhibition will be grandly opened at Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts on August 9, 2012 11:00. The time of exhibition is August 9 to September 9.

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