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Splendid China——Suzhou Embroidery Elaborate Art Works Exhibition

  • Show Time: 2019-07-18至2019-07-28
  • Venues: Hall 6
    This exhibition showcases the inheritance and development of Suzhou embroidery in the contemporary era. It has gathered the works of a large number of representative national and provincial level arts and crafts masters in the embroidery circles of Jiangsu since the founding of PRC in 1949, as well as the works of the new generation of emerging embroidery masters. It has also invited representative figures of the four most famous embroidery schools in the country, to show the greatest works of contemporary Suzhou embroidery, demonstrate the remarkable achievements of Jiangsu in the inheritance and innovation of Suzhou embroidery, and the exquisite elegance of Suzhou embroidery culture and art and the pride of great China.
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