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Exhibition Commemorating 120th Anniversary of Qian Songyan's Birth

  • Show Time: 2019-07-31至2019-08-11
  • Venues: Hall 1、8、9
    This year marks the 120th anniversary of Qian Songyan's birth. An influential master of Chinese landscape painting in the 20th century, he served as the president of Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Painting Institute, widely acknowledged as a leading figure of the Jiangsu painting school. His works are typical models of the national traditional spirit, atmosphere of the times and the Chinese style. This exhibition will display 20 works collected by NAMOC and 100 works supplied by his family in the three themes of "Passionate Depiction of Motherland Landscape", "Long Journey from South of Yangtze River" and "Searching for My Tutor in Great Nature". 
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