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来源:China Daily 时间:2018.07.02

  I changed the exhibition I'd planned to recommend. I was about to type when the staff at the National Art Museum of China said that they would show a selection of their international art collection, but for only a week (closure on noon, Sunday /July 8).


  So there I was, standing in front of more than 200 paintings, prints, photos and sculptures by eminent artists from across the world, including Picasso, Dali, Andy Warhol, Kaethe Kollwitz and Katsushika Hokusai.


  I'd seen some of the exhibits several times and introduced in previous posts. Still, there were a lot which looked fresh to me.


  My favourite at the exhibition is a collection of black-and-white photography classics from the late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century.


  I suppose many of you have seen this iconic portrait of Ernest Hemingway.


  Do you know who took it, when and where?


  The photographer described his meeting with the writer as following:


  "I expected to meet in the author a composite of the heroes of his novels. Instead, in 1957, at his home Finca Vigia, near Havana, I found a man of peculiar gentleness, the shyest man I ever photographed — a man cruelly battered by life, but seemingly invincible."

  “原本,我期待会见到一位融笔下所有英雄人物为一身的作家。然而,在1957年,在他位于哈瓦那附近的家维西亚庄园,我看到的这个男人异常温柔,是我拍摄对象中最害羞的 —— 这个男人虽然遭受了人生的种种残忍暴击,但看上去仍是无法被征服的。”

  The man who had such an insightful observation was Yousuf Karsh, one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. The Armenian refugee who immigrated to Canada took as many famous portraits of notable personalities as you can imagine.

  记录下如此深刻洞察的人是尤素福·卡什,20世纪最伟大的肖像摄影大师之一。 小小年纪,卡什作为亚美尼亚难民移民到了加拿大。日后,他成为著名摄影师,他的镜头前出现了你能想象到的几乎所有名人。

  Besides the Hemingway portrait, also on show is this photo of Winston Churchill.


  眼熟么? 首相这击穿灵魂的犀利凝视。

  Karsh is not the only master photographer featured at this exhibition. Here is a photo, Two Shells, by American artist Edward Weston, in 1927.


  Westen's still-life photos provide alternative perspectives to appreciate the beauty of his subjects.


  The moment I saw this photo, Moon and Half Dome, by Ansel Adams, who produced some of the best landscape photos, I felt cooling down and peaceful.


  The environmentalist-artist is especially famous for capturing the serene grandeur of American West.


  When I look at these snapshots taken more than 50 years, even a century ago, I couldn't help but marvel at the photographers' creativity and their views on the world.


  They still greatly inspire us, even though photo-taking has become so easy and common today because of the convenience provided by many apps.


  When taking great pleasure in photo taking, we owe thanks to William Henry Fox Talbot, the British scientist who invented the early photographic technique and took some of the world's earliest photos.


  One snapshot he captured in 1843, Sir Walter Scott's House, is on show.


  Have a nice weekend.