“Floating Iridescent Clouds --- Jin Tian Painting Exhibition” Raised the Curtain in National Art Museum of China

Source:namoc Time:2017-10-20

News on Oct. 20th of National Art Museum of China   On the afternoon of Oct. 19th, hosted by China Oil Painting Society, Jiangsu Provincial Artists Association and Jiangsu Provincial Art Gallery, “Floating Iridescent Clouds - Jin Tian Painting Exhibition” raised the curtain in National Art Museum of China (NAMOC).
Jin Tian, graduated from the major of oil painting in Nanjing University of the Arts, holds the position of Deputy Director of Jiangsu Provincial Art Gallery, Vice Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Artists Association and Director of Oil Painting Arts Council in Jiangsu Provincial Artists Association, etc. at present. Growing in an aristocratic family of painting, Jin Tian has been nurtured by comprehensive art edification since his childhood. Together with more diligent thoughts, insistent exploration, uncommon unique understanding of writing and spreading for art history as well as abundant knowledge, his art has surpassed the level of artisan.
In the golden time of creation, through learning and exploration of different painting schools and phases including western realism, impressionism, post-impressionism and modern art, etc., Jin Tian finally integrates modernism and Chinese spirit and blends the understanding of design aesthetics and music rhythm in oil painting, which made his personal style purely revealed.
Being an active participant of important activities hosted by China Oil Painting Society since its establishment, Jin Tian assumes himself as “the artist gradually grown with the development of China Oil Painting Society”.
His oil painting art reflects the characteristic and quality of art language of western modern oil painting and integrates aesthetic spirit and cultural content of Chinese freehand painting at the same time. By abstractly integrating the space, his works seemed light and concise. But the arrangement of lines, colors and blocks is accurate without any trace, forming a concise, bright, fresh and vacant artistic style to reflect his own artistic personality naturally and vividly. And it is the best harvest for him after years of exploration and thinking as an independent artist.
The exhibition will be on show in No.5 Exhibition Hall in National Art Museum of China and ends in 29th (not open to the public on Mondays).
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