Five Hundred Sculptures Witness Five Thousand Years Civilization “The First National Sculpture Art Exhibition”Kicked off in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2017-09-06

“The First National Sculpture Art Exhibition,” hosted by the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), and supported by the People’s Government of Changchun Municipality was on show from September 6 to September 17, 2017 in all halls of NAMOC and outdoor space. The Exhibition was an effort to implement the keynote of speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping entitled “Adhere to the Chinese Road, Carry forward Chinese Spirit, and Unite the Chinese Strength.”Starting from the art of sculpture in China since the 20th century, the Exhibition combed and studied NAMOC’s collections and contemporary works of sculptures. The 590 pieces created by 316 sculptors over a hundred years comprehensively presented the audience a picture of the development process and significant achievements China scored in sculpture over the past a hundred years.

The Exhibition was divided into Inscribe History, Sculptures of Immortal Souls, Monument of the Times, Originality, Multi-element Symphony,Wen Xin StylePainting and Source-Tracing Dream Chaser. The seven chapters co-narrated the a hundred years history of sculpture of China.

Mr. Wu Weishan,NAMOC Director and the academic master of the Exhibition stated that, the national liberation movement of anti-imperialist and anti-feudalism, the socialist building period and the reform and opening-upnew period, along with the Chinese dream era of rejuvenating the Chinese nation record numerous pieces of classics created by several generations of Chinese sculptors that have molded the immortal monument of national spirit. This temperature inspires us to stay true to our intended mission and continue to forge ahead.   

TheFirst National Sculpture Art Exhibition has been, so far, the biggest sculpture exhibition in terms of scale and contentin China. While on one hand it displays the a hundred years sculpture history of China, it also showcases the NAMOCs achievements ofcollection in sculpture sector, classic collectibles and academic research. These collections have always played a significant role in every major exhibition. This Exhibition focused on sculpture art, sculptured national soul and sculptured for the people, highlighted better the socialist core values of the Chinese dream era.

The Images Section of the Exhibition, from as small as a dozen centimeter sculpture to as large asdozens of meter urban sculpture, as well as a large quantity of literature were all presented in some way. The Exhibition also leveraged 3D scanning and printing technology, reliving the pathetic scenes on the Basso-Relievo of Monument to the People’s Heroes in the exhibition hall. Meanwhile, the famous over 30 hard-survived clay head sculptures Serf’s Indignation solicited from the Tibet Autonomous Region were all light spots of this exhibition.



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