“Dim In The Dream ——Hongxing Zhuang Watercolor Painting Donation Exhibition” Unveiled in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2017-08-25

“Dim In The Dream ——Hongxing Zhuang Watercolor Painting Donation Exhibition” is part of the “Donation and Collection Series Exhibition of National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) 2017.” Brewed and hosted by the NAMOC, the Exhibition put on show Mr. Zhuang’s watercolor works of 100 strong pieces over different stages of his art creation. A concentrative display of Mr. Zhuang’s achievements in his art career as it is, the show constitutes a unique personal works exhibition hosted by NAMOC in watercolor painting.
Mr. Zhuang was born in Nanxun, Zhejiang Province, China in September 1940. Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Nanjing Normal University in 1961.Mr. Zhuang is now member of the China Artists Association, China Watercolor Painters Association, Jiangsu Watercolor Art Commission and professor, Department of Fine Arts, Jiangsu Institute of Education. The 1960s and the 1970s saw Mr. Zhuang’s creation on figure painting mainly, coupled with oil painting, wood block, sculpture, picture poster and New Year picture among others; his works were selected into provincial and national level exhibition many times. From the end of the 1970s, he began to work on picture-story book, seeing over thirty sets of such works including illustrations coming off the press on national or provincial level, with highlight to be contributed to The Childhood of Lu Xun, a four-volume picture-story creation of biography about Lu Xun, a leading figure of modern Chinese literature, a critic and essayist among other titles. During the late 1980s, his creation was mainly on watercolor painting; his active probing efforts into the integration relationship between watercolor art and Chinese culture led to his unique personal style of this genre of painting and the quite some influence in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area and even the whole of China based on the host of distinctive Chinese connotation featured watercolor works he created.        
The Exhibition has three themes and is designed to be displayed in Hall 19, 20 and 21, NAMOC. As is mentioned, works representing every phase of his art career will be put on show, including the Qinhuai Dream and City of Night. Hall 19 and 20 will be seeing creation of Mr. Zhuang’s unique understanding of temperament south of the Yangtze River and the flavor of the Republic of China while Hall 21 will impress visitors with his attainments in portrait and body shaping. Mr. Zhuang creates a unique way of his by watercolor painting that integrates eastern and western art with the help of his sketchy experience overseas. 
NAMOC Expert Committee on Collectibles deems Mr. Zhuang’s works representing the truehearted feeling of the older generation towards art. Characterized with important artistic and historical data value, they are worthy to be studied and collected by later generations and the country. Mr. Zhuang’s painting broadens watercolor painting’s expressiveness. His distinctive works, enriched with strong emotion and eastern poetic elements serve extremely high mirror value for contemporary creation.
What is to be noted especially is the work of Autumn Rain Series One. Originally it had been collected by Mr. Zhuang’s hometown. When learning that Mr. Wu Weishan, Director of NAMOC, expressed the hope to collect it on behalf of NAMOC Expert Committee on Collectibles, Mr. Zhuang decided to donate it to NAMOC after quite some consultation efforts. He said, “The scene in Autumn Rain Series One is my hometown. It is a painting of nostalgia that easily reminds my generation and the previous generation, and that is why I value and cherish it very much in my whole life; but now I would like to liaison with my hometown and donate it to NAMOC at Mr. Wu’s intent of request.”
The exhibition is on display in Hall 19-21, 5/F and will be on show till August 19, 2017 (not open to the public on Mondays) 
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