National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) Launched “Teacher Salon” to Enhance School-Museum Cooperative Education

Source:namoc Time:2017-08-03

On the afternoon of July 12, 2017, jointly organized by National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and Beijing Institute of Education, “Cultural Confidence and School-Museum Cooperative Education”—Launching Ceremony of NAMOC “Teacher Salon” and the First Thematic Symposium of 2017 were grandly held at Academic Lecture Hall on Floor 7 of NAMOC. About 120 guests attended, including teacher representatives of various districts across Beijing and enthusiasts for development of NAMOC public education from all walks of life. The First Thematic Symposium consisted of leaders’ welcoming speeches, keynote speeches, open discussions and other parts. “Teacher Salon” is a new public education initiative of NAMOC in order to promote the school-museum cooperation and upgrade aesthetic education. This also raises the curtain for NAMOC public education event series in summer holiday.
On behalf of Director Wu Weishan, Zhang Qing (Deputy Director of NAMOC) expressed warm welcomes and heartfelt thanks for attendees. According to Zhang Qing, as the only national-class art museum in China, NAMOC is also a palace of art committed to popularization of aesthetic education. It is home to more than 100,000 artworks in various types. It not only organizes a large number of exhibitions and public education events every year, but also boasts a wealth of cultural and artistic resources. It is highly expected to join hands with Beijing Institute of Education and the majority of primary and secondary school teachers, kick off this new brand of NAMOC “Teacher Salon”, strengthen communication and cooperation between NAMOC and the majority of primary and secondary school teachers, jointly make progress in aesthetic education, cultivate students’ good aesthetic taste and humanistic quality, inherit and develop outstanding culture and art. He further proposed for exploring at the following aspects through the NAMOC “Teacher Salon”: Firstly, it is advised to explore for courses and projects of school-museum cooperative education, and play a leading role. Secondly, it is advised to take full advantage of NAMOC resources, design, edit and publish related educational materials and reading materials. Thirdly, it is advised to plan for pertinent educational exhibitions in NAMOC art education space. Fourthly, it is advised to make primary and secondary school teachers keep abreast of information on exhibitions and public education events, and exchange views with them. Fifthly, it is advised to jointly launch “Cultural Confidence and School-Museum Cooperative Education” and other related research projects. Sixthly, it is advised to establish several school-museum cooperation bases and platforms, and give rise to promotable cooperation modes.
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