National Character--Grand Exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Pan Tianshou Raised the Curtain in NAMOC

Source: Time:2017-05-12

On May 2, 2017, the 120th anniversary of the birth of Pan Tianshou, the National Character--Grand Exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Pan Tianshou had a grand opening in NAMOC. It is organized by the Ministry of Culture, the China Federation of Literature and Art Circles and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, and is co-organized by the National Art Museum of China, the China Artists Association, the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province and the China Academy of Art. The exhibition aims to sort out Mr. Pan Tianshou's contributions to art, culture and education, and to emphasize its meanings in the contexts of history, era and the world.
The exhibition has displayed over 120 pieces of artworks of Pan Tianshou. The representative artworks, manuscript and document as well as his achievements in Chinese ink painting are displayed in the six parts including Noble and Stern Character, Permanent Pursuit of Intrepid Style, Peculiar and Sudden Enlightenment, Yandang Mountain Flowers, Knowing Commonness for the Change and Simple Life as Drinking Water. The research, curation and display are combined in a deep sense. Starting from the art style of Pan Tianshou, the exhibition weaves Pan’s painting works, painting theories, and poems together to constitute different sections with different themes, striving to discover and display his principle and system from his form and style; expound the aim of his thought from the thousands of years of China's thought history and art history; demonstrate his artistic achievements in the world context of modern art; and reveal the value and significance of Mr. Pan to carry forward the Chinese spirit, foster cultural self-confidence, and spread national art in the background of contemporary art creation.
Mr. Pan Tianshou was the master of Chinese ink painting and an art educator in the 20th century. He raised the importance of national paintings to a level that is associated with the survival and development of a nation and a country. He believed that "the art of a nation is the spiritual crystallization. Therefore promoting national art is closely related to promoting the national spirits."
As an artist, Mr. Pan Tianshou faced up to the challenges of that era, inherited the essence of the orthodox tradition, and promoted the largest, the hardest, most adiaphorous and positive pneuma. He created the grand and peculiar, vast and upright style, and with his vigorous, clear and bright composition, he became a unique figure in the Chinese painting history of thousands of years. As an educator, Mr. Pan Tianshou was the founder of Chinese paintings and modern calligraphy education. During the spread of Western influences to the East, with his broad vision and unswerving perseverance, he made vigorous efforts to construct a humane system that the traditional Chinese art could be taught and learned and inherited in a modern art education system. As an expert in painting, judging from the mutation of the state, Mr. Pan Tianshou made use of the nation's art to honor the national minds, and held the ground of Chinese culture and national characteristics, promoting vigorously to keep distance between Chinese art and Western art so as to have two giant cultural mountains erecting. He carried forward Chinese spirits in the context of the art world and finished the creative transition of Chinese art in the modern context, thus laid the ground work for Chinese modern art's consciousness of self-renewing.
The exhibition is shown at No. 1, 3, 7, 8 and 9 exhibition halls and will last till May 14. Five rounds of academic symposiums themed as Pan Tianshou and Cultural Confidence will be held during the exhibition, which are I. National Schema and the National Scene – Cultural Confidence of Pan Tianshou, II. from North and South to East and West – Cultural Vision of Pan Tianshou, III. Pen and Ink, Composition, Artistic Conception and Tone--Artistic Questions from Pan Tianshou, IV. Standing of Two Great Mountains, New Achievement from Tradition--Pan Tianshou and Chinese Modern Art Education, and V. Shaking the World--Pan Tianshou and Chinese Poetry Tradition.
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