The Dialogue Between Youths and Masters Started on the Night at NAMOC

Source: Time:2017-05-12

This year is the 120th anniversary of the birth of Pan Tianshou, and as May Fourth the Youth Day is around the corner, the National Character--Grand Exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Pan Tianshou, the Young Artists Nomination Exhibition of National Art Museum of China and a variety of other exhibitions are on shown at NAMOC. NAMOC launched a theme activity titled the Night at NAMOC-- Dialogue Between Youths and Masters the other day.
 The recently opened Young Artists Nomination Exhibition of National Art Museum of China is the first nomination exhibition curated by NAMOC, which displayed 119 pieces of artworks from 26 young artists, covering six categories including Chinese ink painting, oil painting, print, sculpture, watercolor and calligraphy, demonstrating the vitality and vigor of young artists. Granted the continuous support from the China Arts Foundation, the exhibition will become a series one and be held once a year. It, together with the Youth Artists Artworks Collected by NAMOC Series which was curated in 2016, will be the important exhibitions of brand to promote the creation and development of the contemporary Chinese young artists. Wu Weishan, Director of NAMOC, said that: "Among the artworks of the young artists in the exhibition, one could see the inheritance of the traditional Chinese cultural  thoughts and their transition in contemporary times, and feel the variety and diversity of the artists' interior knowledge and experience. At the same time, one could realize the values and responsibility of the young artists from the correlation between art history and sociology, as well as from the collision of contemporary artistic concepts and the traditional cultural thoughts." This exhibition will be shown until May 9.
National Character--Grand Exhibition for the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Pan Tianshou is organized by the Ministry of Culture, the China Federation of Literature and Art Circles and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, and co-organized by the National Art Museum of China, the China Artists Association, the Department of Culture of Zhejiang Province and the China Academy of Art. Straightness and directness in pencraft is the backbone and the smooth and fluency of it is the pneuma. The exhibition has displayed over 120 pieces of artworks of Pan Tianshou. The representative artworks, manuscript and document as well as his achievements in Chinese ink painting are displayed in the six parts which are Noble and Stern Character, Permanent Pursuit of Intrepid Style, Peculiar and Sudden Enlightenment, Yandang Mountain Flowers, Knowing Commonness for the Change and Simple Life as Drinking Water. The research curation and display are combined in a deep sense. Starting from the art style of Pan Tianshou, the exhibition weaves Pan’s painting works, painting theories, and poems together to constitute different sections with different themes, striving to discover and display his principle and system from his form and style; expound the aim of his thought from the thousands of years of China's thought history and art history; demonstrate his artistic achievements in the world context of modern art; and reveal the value and significance of Mr. Pan to carry forward the Chinese spirit, foster cultural self-confidence, and spread national art in the background of contemporary art creation.

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