Views of Yide—Jin Yide Oil Painting Artworks Exhibition Held in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2017-05-11

Views of Yide-Jin Yide Oil Painting Artworks Exhibition, organized by the China Academy of Art, was held on April 20, 2017 at NAMOC. It displays the artworks of China's famous contemporary oil painter Mr. Jin Yide of his sixty years of creation, including Magnolia series, Late Years series and Tree series, fully demonstrating Mr. Jin Yide's course of creation and his pursuit of art.
Jin Yide, born in 1935, a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, is good at oil painting and art education. He's a professor in the oil painting department of China Academy of Art and a member of the China Artists Association. After graduating from the oil painting department of China Academy of Art in 1959, he was admitted to the Romania Professor Popa Training Class held by China Academy of Art under the commission of China Ministry of Culture in 1960, and then worked as the assistant of Ni Yide. Under the overall influence of the realistic style from Soviet Union at that time, both Popa and Ni Yide had a tendency of expressionism which gave Mr. Jin Yide very deep influence thus he shaped his own unique style which is general, decisive, firm and straightforward, and formed his concept of being simple and direct to the essence.
Mr. Jin Yide merges his concept of art expression with the Chinese spirit of free sketch. He is persistent and yet brave to explore, insists on his principles but is not restricted to them. This corresponds to the theme of the exhibition.
When being an artist, Mr. Jin Yide is also a respectable teacher who has been teaching in the oil painting department of China Academy of Art since 1959. He is known for his openness in education in which he would encourage and even indulge his students in terms of developing their own characteristics. What he pursuits all his life is from all the non-fixed methods to create the technique that is mastered only by one, which he believes could distinguish the artist's unique language and his characteristic. His studio is noted for sincere, frank, open and active ethos,and it is related with his unconditional care for his students. His carefulness, diligence, tolerance and encouragement has provided precious soil for the growth of creation and judgment. A large number of important avant-garde artists have been cultivated in his studio, such as Hou Wenyi enrolled in 1977,Zhang Peili and Wang Guangyi in 1980, Geng Jianyi, Wei Guangqing and Liu Dahong in 1981. They were famous path-breakers in the 85’New Wave Art Movement and made Hangzhou an important place of origin for avant-garde art. After so many years, these students still are the biggest pride of Jin Yide.

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