Fujian Ravines in Mists—Liang Ming Splashing Color Landscape Painting Exhibition is on Shown in National Art Museum of China

Source: Time:2017-05-05

Co-organized by China Artists Association, Literature and Art Union of Fujian Province and People’s Government of Longyan Municipality, Liang Ming’s Splashing Color Landscape Painting Exhibition had a grand opening in National Art Museum of China. This exhibition showcases 60 pieces of artworks created by Mr. Liang Ming in recent years.

Liang Ming, a member of China Artists Association, Vice-Chairman of the Artists Association of Fujian Province, and Director of the Longyan City Art Gallery, is noted for his artwork series of Hakka earth building and the splashing colors. His artworks have been shown in many domestic and overseas art exhibitions. He observes in real life and keeps sketching for more than 20 years. His feet have stepped to many earth building complexes and dragon houses in the west and south of Fujian Province as well as the east of Guangdong Province, and he finally has them embedded in mind, forming the diversified and magnificent splashing earth building series.

 This exhibition is composed of four parts, including Fujian Ravines in Mists, Hometown Mountains in Dream, Scenery within Mind and Nature as Teacher. Fujian Ravines in Mists is the author’s theme creation for splashing-ink freehand landscape in huge size. Hometown Mountains in Dream takes the author’s hometown as the theme, and expresses the emotions of the author in the changes of brush style and connotation. Scenery within Mind is the scenery and environment creation of the author, and in his artistic conception and rhythm of the large ink and color splashing, he creates the spiritual space with endless image. Nature as Teacher is the artistic accumulation of the author’s long-term adherence of plunging into the life and painting creation in the face of natural landscapes.

 The huge splashing color artwork Fujian Ravines in Mists is 12.6 meters wide and 3.8 meters high. It takes a bird’s-eye view in the composition and presents the spacious and grand mountains, giant gullies and villages. It consists of the washing of ink and colors and the wrinkling, rubbing, dotting and dyeing in the most suitable places. His artworks possess a grand and powerful feeling which echoes with the prosperity of our country and people's good wishes for their livelihood and the motherland.

Liang Ming explores his own unique language to explain his works, and this language is a combination of splashing ink and color with drawing the outline and then filling in colors. There are always images of earth buildings in his artworks. He makes use of splashing to express the pneuma of landscape, and the delicate technique to describe earth building. This land inspires Liang Ming’s artistic creation and displays the unique natural scenery of his hometown Longyan,. The living concept of people of Longyan that the sky and earth give birth to all the life beings makes him depict the traces of history.





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