Seeking the Truth—Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition to Celebrate the 120th Anniversary of Foundation of Zhejiang University Opened in NAMOC

Source: Time:2017-05-03

Organized by the Zhejiang University, Seeking the Truth- Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition to Celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the Foundation of Zhejiang University was opened in National Art Museum of China. This year marks the 120th anniversary of the foundation of the Zhejiang University. This exhibition assembles more than 160 pieces of calligraphy and paintings from the university's famous names of different generations, excellent works from domestic and overseas alumni to present the university's cultural heritage and the persistent pursuit of Chinese calligraphy and painting over the last 120 years.

Zhejiang University is a higher education institution with a long history. Its predecessor Qiushi Academy was founded in 1897, so it is exactly two cycles of 60 years since then. During the development in the past 120 years, Zhejiang University has attached great importance to art education. There are lots of Chinese painting and calligraphy masters who once have taught or studied in Zhejiang University,  such as Ma Yifu, Wang Juchang, Shen Yinmo, Ma Xulun, Feng Zikai, Chen Zhifo, Sha Menghai, Lu Weizhao, Chang Shuhong, and Wu Guanzhong. There are also amateurs of calligraphy and Chinese painting among the professors and students in Zhejiang University, who have created a great number of outstanding works.

This exhibition is divided into two parts, including Originality of the Great Tao and Path of Achievement. The Originality of the Great Tao assembles calligraphy and painting from more than 50 famous names that once have taught or studied in Zhejiang University, such as Ma Xulun, Su Buqing, Wang Ganchang and Wu Guanzhong. These works still present charming glamour even after so many years. The Path of Achievement displays calligraphy and painting works from dozens of professors and students who have worked and studied in Zhejiang University as well as alumni.


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