Looking Back to the Clouded Mountains-Itinerant Exhibition of Zhao Wangyun from NAMOC's Collection Raises the Curtain in Shaanxi Art Museum

Source: Time:2017-05-03

Organized by National Art Museum of China, and co-organized by Shaanxi Art Museum, the Looking Back to the Clouded Mountains-Itinerant Exhibition of Zhao Wangyun from NAMOC's Collection opened in Shaanxi Art Museum. The 150 plus pieces of classic artworks from the collection of NAMOC present Mr. Zhao Wangyun's artistic achievement, panorama of his art creation and his course of development in a comprehensive and systematic way.

This exhibition adopts an accounting mode of returning to the historical situation, and unfolds with self-recountings and others' evaluations. Each and every part starts with Mr. Zhao Wangyun's own words and accompanied by the comment and evaluation of friends and students of that same period. The exhibition extends in four parts. The preface hall, Achievement and Review, displays brief introduction of Zhao Wangyun, preface and comprehensive review. The calligraphy works of comments by Guo Moruo, Guan Shanyue and Shi Lu, as well as 7 to 10 pieces of artworks of Zhao Wangyun representing his different periods of creation are shown in this part. The first part, I Came from the Rural-Paintings of Villages (1930s to 1940s), shows more than 80 pieces of artworks from Zhao Wangyun's Wan Cheng Lu Shu catalogue. The second part, Face up to Nature-the Northwest in Paintings (1940s to 1960s), shows over 40 pieces of sketches of Zhao Wangyun when he was in the northwest of China in the fifties and sixties. The third part, Return to the Peach Garden-Home and Landscapes in Dreams (1960s-1970s), displays more than 20 pieces that were painted from memory from the end of the sixties till he passed away. The exhibition also uses small size paintings drawn from nature as another potential accounting thread to explain how the artistic concept of facing up to life is carried out in the vivid and energetic art practices.

"The exhibition is the series of Collection Activation and also Donation Itinerant Exhibition, the meaning of which is reflected in the following three aspects. Firstly, it is to actively respond to the Party Central Committee's call for inheriting and promoting traditional Chinese culture. The activation of the classic collection from the national art temple should not only be restricted to the National Art Museum of China itself, but should also benefit everywhere of the country, and be enjoyed by all the people who can enjoy even cultural rights and interests. Secondly, as one of the initiators of the Chang'an Painting School, Mr. Zhao Wangyun's creation concept of Art for the Public and his creation technique of Facing up to Life have important values in terms of enlightening and guiding China’s painting development nowdays. When reviewing the past and gazing into the future, this returning visit of these works is beneficial to activate this excellent tradition and strengthen the artistic creation development, especially to the art world in the northwest. Thirdly, this kind of donation itinerant exhibition is not only beneficial to the connection between our country's artwork collection and the donors as it may form the virtuous cycle between the generous donation and academic study, but also enhance the mutual trust during the cooperation and exchange, thus promoting the sustainable development for the cause of national artwork collection," said Director Wu Weishan. 



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