"Dialogue with the Nature—Retrospective Exhibition for Mr. Zhao Kaikun’s Oil Paintings"Is Recently Presented in National Art Museum of China

Source:namoc Time:2017-04-26

On the morning of April 8, 2017, co-organized by China Artists Association, China Oil Painting Society and Jilin University of Arts, “Dialogue with the Nature—Retrospective Exhibition for Mr. Zhao Kaikun’s Oil Paintings” raised the curtain in National Art Museum of China.

Mr. Zhao Kaikun is an art educator and oil painter. In 1954, he was born in Puyang City, Henan Province. Since childhood, he learned painting under his father’s guidance. He was admitted to the Jilin University of Arts in 1975.Then he was transferred to Drama Department of Jilin University of Arts in 1985. From then on, he has been engaged in teaching, and serves as Tenured Professor of Jilin University of Arts. In terms of oil painting creation, Mr. Zhao Kaikun worships the Nature, traces the origin of national culture, carries forward the traditional freehand spirit in oil painting creation, and develops unique style in the field of Chinese landscape oil painting by virtue of his bold and unconstrained individual style.

This exhibition takes time axis, which is currently on show in Hall 13-17 on Floor 3.About 80 representative works, created by Mr. Zhao Kaikun at different creation stages since the 1970s, are for public display. These exhibits not only include his initial works in token of exploration milestones, but also sophisticated masterpieces under gradual establishment of his own style and innovation of oil painting expression language. Classical masterpieces themed with natural landscapes (such as virgin forest of Changbai Mountain and snow-covered village) also hold the spotlight.

In the 1980s, influenced by the modern art of the West, Mr. Zhao Kaikun continued his experiment and exploration in the expressive form of oil painting. He started with paint from life, made a variety of attempts for schema ideas and language skills, and found the way leading to the goal, i.e., the eternal theme of creation—the nature. During the period, he created Window, The Earth in October, Birch in the Dream and other outstanding works, and sprang up as an important pioneer to establish and develop the Northeast China Expressive Oil Painting Style. In the1990s, he was obsessed with unbridled and arbitrary feelings at the moment of sketch from the nature, in gradually deepened sketch from the nature in creation course, and did his best to reflect an improvised “sense of the scene” in his works. A variety of natural images, i.e., mountains, trees, villages, old objects and other image elements, interact, blend and transform, fix form of modernist painting and the freehand brushwork spirit of traditional Chinese painting into paintings, break through the unique intertwined lines, and radiate great momentum beyond the original pattern of the Nature. In the early 21st century, his artistic expression becomes more sophisticated, as he leaves footprints across virgin forest of Changbai Mountain, fertile region in the north of the Great Wall, coastal grassland and the central Shaanxi Plain. His masterpieces demonstrate the momentous modeling expression, radiate the beauty of brilliant color and robust skeleton, mirror life realm of unity of heaven and man under extemporaneous status, and finally crystallize his great artistic spirit.

Venue: Hall 13-17 of National Art Museum of China

Show Time: April 8-15, 2017



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