"Beauty in Nature—Exhibition of Mr. Wang Keju’s Works"and "The Sparkles of Life—Exhibition of Ms. Yan Ping’s Works"Made Debut in National Art Museum of China

Source:namoc Time:2017-04-25

In his speech at Symposium on Literature and Art, General Secretary Xi Jinping points out: “Literature and art creation should orient to the people-centered creation. Literature and art should be deeply rooted in real life and follow the trend of the times in order to prosper and flourish. Literature and art should cater to people’s will and reflect on people’s concerns in order to radiate full of vitality”. In order to actively respond to and implement the keynote of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, National Art Museum of China designs and launches “NAMOC Invitational Academic Exhibition Series”, with a view to carrying forward China Spirit, uniting China Power and driving the innovation and development of contemporary art. With academic invitation as curatorial way, this grand event makes retrospect to academic context of current artistic creation, and invites artists with ideological height and academic depth. Through the exhibition of these artists’ series works, “NAMOC Invitational Academic Exhibition Series” not only demonstrates the creation of the times, but also forges academic exhibition brand of National Art Museum of China.

On April 6, 2017, as a part of NAMOC Invitational Academic Exhibition Series, “Beauty in Nature—Exhibition of Mr. Wang Keju’s Works” and “The Sparkles of Life—Exhibition of Ms. Yan Ping’s Works” were simultaneously held in Hall 2 and Hall 3 on Floor 1. Raising the curtain of NAMOC Invitational Academic Exhibition Series, Ms. Yan Ping and Mr. Wang Keju, both competent Chinese oil painters and influential artists, present their recent oil painting masterpieces and imply the extraordinary significance.

As a female painter, Ms. Yan Ping’s painting is a perfect unity of sensibility and rationality with brisk vitality. Exhibition title of “The Sparkles of Life” is inspired by Ms. Yan Ping’s self-confession: “The most sparkling light lies in my heart and lies in my enormous art world rather than comes from the sun in the sky”.

Nearly 30 representative oil paintings, created by Ms. Yan Ping from 2012 to 2017, come to the fore. Ms. Yan Ping’s paintings not only reveal Picasso, Braque and other Western oil painting masters’ technical language, but also probe into relationship between art and life in the context of female perspective and individual will. All lines and all components of Self-portrait, Why Not Hibernate (III) and other works not only prove skilled application, but also penetrate with delicate feelings unique to a woman. Such unconstrained and sparkled emotional catharsis is embodied on all of Ms. Yan Ping’s works. My Youth Will Never Return Like a Bird has seemingly frantic composition, and gives vent to Ms. Yan Ping’s exploration for freedom and courage and her innermost expression exploding without reason. Her character of self-expression and the pursuit of sincerity shields the original intuition for the desire of painting, radiates simple but persistent spiritual temperament, and endows all her paintings with full-fledged emotions and real feelings. Visitors can feel contented and delightful when they are impressed by these wonderful paintings..

Following painters Mr. Wu Dayu, Mr. Wu Guanzhong and Mr. Luo Erchun, Mr. Wang Keju is another representative who further gains insights and explores for expressionism and imagism oil painting. As the theme of the exhibition, “Beauty in Nature” highlights close ties between artistic creation and natural life. Mr. Wang Keju especially attaches importance to the nature, inheritance and emotional performance, and makes unremitting exploration on this basis. This exhibition selects more than 20 oil paintings created by him in recent years, thereby presenting and expounding his creation modes of sketching from the Nature, triggering conception in echo with landscape, blending emotions and landscapes, presenting beautiful natural landscapes and verdant plants in natural ecology, and shining the vitality of the nature and the intensity of life. Collected by National Art Museum of China, Grand Taihang Canyon—Stone Cliff and other works imply crystallized emotions and expressed aspirations under Mr. Wang Keju’s colors and brush strokes. His work Power from Wind adopts bold lines and distinctive colors, and demonstrates artist’s exploration for artistic game playing between order law and shackles in duplicate flexible structure. With the simplest and the most direct painting materials and abundant creation passions, Mr. Wang Keju not only helps visitors take pleasure in sensory experience arising from pigment, paint brush and paint canvas, but also helps them get a rough idea on the creator’s thought and expression.

Venue: Hall 2 and Hall 3 of National Art Museum of China

Show Time: April 6-16, 2017




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