Press Conference of National Art Museum of China “Activation of Classical Collections” Series Exhibition: “Inspiration—Mr. Zhang Ding 100th Birthday Anniversary Exhibition” Was Held

Source: Time:2017-04-17

On March 2, 2017, press conference of National Art Museum of China “Activation of Classical Collections” Series Exhibition: “Inspiration—Mr. Zhang Ding 100thBirthdayAnniversary Exhibition” was held in National Art Museum of China. Mr. Wu Weishan (Director of National Art Museum of China), cultural scholar Mr. Wang Luxiang and Zhang Ding’s son, Mr. Zhang Langlang attended. This press conference was chaired by Mr. An Yuanyuan (Deputy Director of National Art Museum of China).
According to Director Wu Weishan, Mr. Zhang Ding is a great artist with high reputation in the Chinese art history throughout the 20th century. The so-called “Great” not only eulogizes his great breadth of mind and great level of artistic realm, but also speaks highly of his great vision. General Secretary Xi Jinping instructs that literary and artistic works must have skeleton, uphold morality and keep concern. Mr. Zhang Ding takes national spirit as the skeleton, follows the Chinese cultural context, makes splendid miracles in all ages, and form a beautiful world with coke ink and lines.
Director Wu Weishan comments that Zhang Ding has donated 130 representative artworks to National Art Museum of China, including comics, New Year paintings, traditional Chinese paintings and others created in different periods. These artworks enrich the treasures of the Chinese national art. Year of 2017 marks the100thanniversary of Mr. Zhang Ding’s birthday. National Art Museum of China and a vast majority of art professionals inevitably cherish the memory of this art master. Therefore, this well-arranged exhibition is launched to commemorate this art master. All visitors are expected to comprehend this artist’s original ambition and unwavering efforts, and feel the inspirational power of his emotion and will.
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