Beautiful South • Guangxi -- Chinese Art Exhibition kicks off in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2017-01-04


      In the morning of December 9, 2016, Beautiful South · Guangxi -- Chinese Art Exhibition was unveiled in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). The exhibition was held on the occasion of celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the speech delivered by Communist Party of China General Secretary Xi Jinping at the forum on literature and art work, while the circles of literature and art learned thoroughly the series of talks of General Secretary Xi, especially his important speeches at the meeting of the 10th China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and 9th China Writers’ Association, so as to promote vigorous development and prosperity of the socialist culture. The event was jointly sponsored by China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the publicity department of Communist Party of China Guangxi Regional Committee, Chinese Artists Association, NAMOC, and Guangxi Regional Federation of Literary and Art Circles. About 380 pieces of works were displayed in nine exhibition rooms on the first floor of NAMOC. It was hailed as a concrete measure and achievement exhibition of the sponsors in practicing the spirit of Xi’s speeches, and carrying forward the national culture and art.


  Since 2009, Chinese Artists Association has made all-round efforts for sorting, exhibiting and studying artistic creation of Chinese ethnic minorities. It has successively held a series of fine arts exhibitions on ethnic minorities, titled “Inspirational Plateau”, “North and South of Mount Tianshan”, “Vast Prairie”, “Colorful Yunnan” and “Wonderful Guizhou”, producing profound influences, important practical and deep historical significance. They have made outstanding contributions to the studies of modern Chinese ethnic artistic creations. "Beautiful South · Guangxi -- Chinese Art Exhibition" was an extension of the major academic activities.


  Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, situated in south China, is home to 12 ethnic groups that have lived in the area for generations. It has a long history of national historical and cultural traditions, with brilliant achievements in ethnic artistic creation. Beautiful South · Guangxi -- Chinese Art Exhibition was held for the purpose of sorting out artistic creation in Guangxi in the modern times, especially the state of development in ethnic artistic creation, and exhibiting fine arts creation achievements with Guangxi as the subject. This was a documentary exhibition held by Chinese Artists Association to sort out the history and status of development of the ethnic artistic creation in the country. The exhibition was separated into the three parts of “Historical Classics”, “Guangxi Arts” and “Arts in Guangxi”. The “Historical Classics” part put on display classic works of famous artists collected by NAMOC, including Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Huang Binhong, Zhang Anzhi, Guan Shanyue, Yang Taiyang, Wu Guanzhong, Huang Dufeng and Ma Wanli. It also furnished case studies of 11 artists who were Xu Beihong, Li Keran, Zhang Anzhi, Guan Shanyue, Bai Xueshi, Zhou Lingzhao, Ma Wanli, Yang Taiyang, Huang Dufeng, Tu Ke and Zong Qixiang. The “Guangxi Arts” part exhibited the fine arts creation achievements in various years in Guangxi since the founding of New China in 1949, as well as the latest creation achievements. The “Arts in Guangxi” part put on show works of famous Chinese artists created in Guangxi. To run the exhibition well, Chinese Artists Association organized over 100 artists to carry out field studies in Guangxi in four batches, who created a large number of excellent works of art. Guangxi Artists Association initiated artists in the region to engage in artistic creation. It recommended 200 pieces of works to attend assessment. It also borrowed representative fine art works on various historical periods of Guangxi collected in NAMOC, and works supplied from other parts of the country on major historical subjects in the modern times of Guangxi. The exhibition put on display 380 pieces of works, giving a full display of fine arts creation development in Guangxi in the past 100 years.

  In the afternoon, an academic seminar was held in the lecture hall on the seventh floor of NAMOC building on the exhibition. The exhibition lasted till December 18.


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