Art from NAMOC – Exhibition of Young Artist Works in Contemporary China to be unveiled in Singapore

Source:namoc Time:2016-11-24

To promote the prosperity and development of cultural exchanges between China and Singapore, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and the National Art Gallery of Singapore cooperated to hold a fine arts exhibition in the Chinese Culture Center in Singapore, under the theme of “A New Horizon”, in November 2015, celebrating the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Singapore. A link of culture and art exchanges of the two countries, the exhibition gained high attention from leaders of both countries. One year later, NAMOC selected over 30 pieces of works of contemporary Chinese young artists to come to the Chinese Culture Center in Singapore again, for the Art from NAMOC – Exhibition of Young Artist Works in Contemporary China.

The exhibition is a main outcome of NAMOC putting into practice the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the forum on literature and art works. It is a showcase of NAMOC in support and promotion of fine arts development of young artists. In the course of inheriting and carrying forward the excellent traditional culture of Chinese nation, it is designed to innovate with the thriving contemporary Chinese youth art. “Young artists are the future of Chinese fine arts,” said NAMOC curator Wu Weishan. Wu stressed that young artists should respect and inherit the merits of their predecessors and, meanwhile, they are rich in creative power. They represent “novelty”, “creation” and “vitality” in any era. They are galloping in the river bed of history, and they are the most brisk sprays and torrents. As a popular saying goes, “In the Yangtze River, the waves behind drive on those before.” It has not only revealed the objective natural law, but also an encouragement of young people. Another popular saying goes that “each generation surpasses the preceding one.” It is a summary of the law of social development, and also an incentive for the youth. General Secretary Xi places high expectations on the youth. Looking into the future, our young generation will certainly have bright prospect, and will be able to develop their skills to the full.

NAMOC organizes and plans the exhibition of young artists for the purpose of facilitating Chinese young artists to inherit and develop cultural traditions, and guiding and fostering the cultural identity and features of contemporary Chinese young artists. Wu said that in the historical process of chasing dreams, young artists, under the inspiration of Chinese spirit, have taken root in life and people, and searched for inspirations in the intersections of emotional temperature, spiritual height and innovative dynamics. They are constructing a beautiful pattern with youth, art, diligence and wisdom. They are stepping out of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, and telling Chinese story with contemporary discourse in the international community. We are coming to the Chinese Culture Center in Singapore with most representative works of contemporary Chinese artists, in the hope of enabling Singapore people to listen to the heartfelt wishes of young Chinese artists, and feel about the thoughts and high spirits of contemporary Chinese youth.


The exhibited works systematically disclosed the features and results of contemporary Chinese art development. They were materialized in three aspects. First, young artists have kept a foothold in the local land, taken root in Chinese social reality, and faced the masses to create an array of works mirroring new looks in contemporary Chinese social development, and spiritual features of Chinese people. They were most typical manifestation of the spirit of the time. They were also expression of realistic fine arts creation in the country. And they gave expression to the young artists actively fulfilling their cultural duties and missions. Second, young artists have inherited the tradition, and carried forward the traditional spirit. They have developed characteristic language for contemporary Chinese fine arts along with the origin and history of Chinese culture. Such efforts were revealed in the search and exploration of the native language by young artists in their exhibited oil paintings and wood block works. In traditional Chinese paintings, they were expressed in conversion to the traditional language. In sculpture and device works, they were embodied as rich imagination and creativity of the young artists. Third, the young artists have kept in mind the original intention in innovation, and cast their views on the international art platforms. They are bold in practice to constitute the diversified artistic forms and patterns. This is also a major feature of the exhibition.

Wu said that he believed the exhibition was an affirmation and spur on Chinese young artists. He hoped their works, with charming human nature, could bring about more profound ideas to Singapore audiences.

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