Exhibition of Fine Art Works for 80th Anniversary of the Victory of Chinese Red Army’s Long March opens in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2016-11-24

To bear in mind the great achievements of the Chinese Red Army’s Long March, carry forward the great spirit of the Long March, and take the Long March well today, the Exhibition of Fine Art Works for 80th Anniversary of the Victory of Chinese Red Army’s Long March was ceremoniously opened in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) in the morning of October 26. This activity was jointly sponsored by Chinese Society of CPC History, Chinese Society of Research of CPC Historical Figures, NAMOC and the Publicity Department of Guizhou Provincial Committee of CPC.

Eight years ago, the Communist Party of China held high the banner of anti-Japanese invasion for national salvation, and led the Red Army to embark on the road of Long March that lasted for two entire years, traversed several tens of thousands of miles over a dozen of provinces. They defeated millions of enemy troops, despite layer upon layer of blockade and encirclement, pursuit, obstruction and interception. They crossed nearly 100 rivers, climbed icebergs and snow-covered mountains of thin air, and traversed uninhabited swamp meadows. They stood the test of cruel torture of hunger and cold, and conquered the limit of human survival with tenacious will, and eventually won the great victory of strategic shift. With the victory of Long March, the Red Army erected a towering, immortal monument in the history of the Chinese nation, composed a heroic epic moving the world, created an extremely rare miracle in the world war history and human civilization history, and forged the most precious Long March spirit.


NAMOC curator Wu Weishan said in the opening speech that “the great Long March spirit, a key component of the red gene and spiritual pedigree of the CPC, has been deeply integrated into the blood and soul of the Chinese nation. It has turned into a mighty mental strength to encourage and inspire Chinese people to constantly assault fortified positions, and march forward from victory to victory. The great Long March epic has inspired and attracted countless artists to throw themselves into the artistic creation of the Long March theme. As a result, the Long March theme has turned into a major subject of fine arts on the revolutionary history since the founding of New China in 1949. The great Long March spirit has increasingly demonstrated its everlasting spiritual value, under the elucidation of artists of various stages. With perception in mind, the artists have kept dialogue with the Red Army in the layer of spirit. They have created unique beauty of the revolutionary theme between the graceful and the lofty, and between the tragic and the sublime.”


Carrying forward the great Long March spirit and walking the Long March well today have reflected the common aspirations of the Chinese people, including the artists. The artists presenting their works in the exhibition followed the trails of the Red Army in the Long March. They went southward to Yudu, proceeded northward to Huining, treaded on the road to Zunyi, crossed the Chishui River and set foot on the trials of the long journey, to listen to the bugle call for strategic shift to the north fighting against Japanese invaders. In their artistic creation, the artists selected major historical events, battles and historical scenes of the Red Army in the Long March, and important historical figures relating to the Long March. On the basis of respecting historical truth, they expanded artistic imaginations, and applied skilled artistic language, to elaborately create paintings of fresh styles, profound artistic conceptions, and distinct themes, and artfully reproduce, exhibit and eulogize the glorious history of the Communist Party of China leading and commanding Red Army soldiers to finish the Long March.

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