Between China and West——Sculpture Art Exhibition by Anthony Stones opens in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2016-11-24

On October 29, International Art Collection and Donation Exhibition of National Art Museum of China: Between China and West——Sculpture Art Exhibition by Anthony Stones was ceremoniously inaugurated in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)

The exhibition put on display over 200 pieces of representative sculptures and paintings of Anthony Stones in different stages. It was separated into seven parts, focusing on Chinese and western famous persons, drama myths, images of labor, homeland landscapes, dramatic life, love of China, and religious buildings respectively. They fully demonstrated the warm, sincere artistic feelings of Anthony Stones, as well as his artistic styles and achievements.


Anthony Stones loves art. He has created numerous influential sculptures, paintings and design works. His artistic creations cover a wide range of subjects, including celebrities, common laborers, Notre Dame de Paris and Chinese bicycle lanes. They all give expression to his concern for life, exploration of the world and self. We may see in the exhibition his masterpieces in various stages, such as Darwin and Theory of Evolution, Newton and Golden Apples, Grand Stage of Life, British Royal Centennial Jockey Club, and British Royal Centennial Boat Club.

Among the sculptures of Anthony Stones, celebrity portrait sculptures constitute a large proportion. They include representative artists, famous critics, actors, writers, translators, scientists, thinkers, ancient Chinese scholars, modern western philosophers…. His works embody and deliver a high-spirited, ideal and pure esteem, as life a beam of light in darkness, and vehement eulogy of human civilization. Meanwhile, Anthony Stones has created many works on the images of drama masters and myths. They are on life and death, justice and evil of William Shakespeare, fantastic and absurd aspect of Don Quixote, king and queen symbolizing power and hierarchy, and murmuring hippie Dionysus in the myth in stream of consciousness. Different from Chinese and western celebrities and dramatic myths, the images of laborers are another context of Anthony Stones sculptures. In contrast with the celebrities, these sculptures are on common laborers, in quiet conversation with the world….

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