2016 NAMOC Collected Yong Artists Work Show opens in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2016-09-23

2016 NAMOC Collected Yong Artists Work Show is a large-scale exhibition of fine arts works of young artists independently planned by the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). It put on display nearly 300 pieces of works from excellent young artists across the country, covering the genres of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, wood block and sculpture. They included over 90 pieces collected by NAMOC in recent years, as well as latest creations recommended and evaluated by experts.

Expert recommendation was carried out in the exhibition. NAMOC sent out letters to over 200 experts in various places, asking each to recommend two young artists and each artist to submit three pieces of works. NAMOC set up a committee of experts to appraise the recommended works in two rounds, and select the final chosen works for the exhibition. According to Wu Weishan, curator of NAMOC, the young artists recommended by different academies, creation groups, regions and artistic schools stepped in the NAMOC with works of diversified styles, building up an artistic atmosphere highlighting their own artistic characteristics while keeping some common features. They are what young artists of this age are thinking, feeling and behaving. They are artistic expression of their perception of history, society and life.

The exhibited works systematically showed the characteristics and achievements in the development of Chinese fine arts. They are reflected specifically in the following three aspects. First, the young artists keep a foothold on our own land, take root in social reality, and take a people-oriented approach to create works to mirror the new look of current social development and peoples mental outlook. This is the most typical manifestation of the spirit of the time, expression of realistic artistic creation in the country, and incarnation of young artists actively fulfilling their cultural obligations and missions. Second, the young artists inherit the tradition, carry forward the traditional spirit, and develop characteristic language of contemporary Chinese fine arts along the historical development of Chinese culture. Such endeavors are manifested as searching and exploration of the local language by the young artists in the exhibited oil paintings and wood blocks, in the transformation of the traditional language in the Chinese paintings, and in the rich imagination and creativity of the young artists in sculptures and installation artworks. Third, the young artists bear in mind the original intention of innovation, place their visions on the international art arena, and dare to put their ideas into practice, to make up the diversified artistic forms and patterns. These are important features of this exhibition.

During the exhibition, NAMOC will organize a seminar on special subjects. The exhibition will last till August 30.



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