“Culture Inheritance·Power of Painting” CNAA Middle-aged and Young Artists Exhibition Series open in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2016-08-16

On August 3, 2016, Culture Inheritance • Power of Painting” CNAA Middle-aged and Young Artists Exhibition Series were inaugurated in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). Sponsored by Chinese National Academy of Arts (CNAA), the exhibition series comprised Perception: Yao Yong Work Show, Still Viewing: Peng Peng’s Work Show, and Introspection: Zhu Chunlin Work Show. As a part of CNAA middle-aged and young artist exhibition series, the event gathered major artistic creations of the three artists in recent years.
The exhibited works displayed the artistic exploration roads of the three artists, while showed their characteristic artistic emotions and angles of view. In the 120 pieces of exhibited works, audiences may appreciate the fresh and rich landscape of Yao Yong, tranquil and plain inanimate objects of Peng Peng, and peaceful and even-tempered characters of Zhu Chunlin.
Yao Yong, born in 1962 in Shandong, is an associate researcher of CNAA Chinese Oil Painting Institute. He came to front in the 1980s with a series of figure paintings of surrealism style. In the 1990s, he was in the spotlight with a series of cockscomb still life pictures of expressionism and symbolism features. In recent years, he has steered to creation of landscape paintings. The exhibited works this time were mainly to present his unique feelings and characteristic expressions in depicting natural objects.
Peng Peng, born in 1963 in Inner Mongolia, started to dedicate to the studies and creation of oil painting in 1988. Since 2007, she has worked in CNAA as a painter in the Chinese Oil Painting Institute. Over the years, she has mainly focused on still life objects in oil painting creation. Her works demonstrated restrained, elegant style, revealing valuable simplicity and quietness. The exhibition was a showcase of her new oil painting works, mirroring her thinking and achievements in artistic exploration in recent years.
Zhu Chunlin, born in 1968 in Tongcheng of Anhui province, graduated from Anhui Huangmei Opera School in 1988, majoring in stage art. In 1992, he graduated in the first studio of the oil painting department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. From 2000 to 2003, he studied in the first term advanced training class of the oil painting department of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is vice-president of CNAA Chinese Oil Painting Institute, and first-grade artist. The exhibition displayed new works of Zhu in recent years, showing his unremitting pursuit in oil painting language and artistic exploration.

The exhibition series lasted till August 10.
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