A Series of Artworks Donated to NAMOC: Inspiration Strikes——Chen Beixin's Oil Painting Exhibition unveiled in Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum

Source:namoc Time:2016-07-08

On June 7, 2016, A Series of Artworks Donated to NAMOC: Inspiration Strikes——Chen Beixin's Oil Painting Exhibition was ceremoniously launched in Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum. The activity was jointly sponsored by the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC), Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum, and Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts.
The exhibition is a part of the “national award project of fine art works collection and donation” sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. It is also one of the series of exhibitions of artworks donated to NAMOC. An exhibition of the same content was held in NAMOC between May 7 to 24, 2016, winning high praises.
The itinerant exhibition in Shaanxi put on display over 200 pieces of Chen’s representative oil paintings of various stages. They focused on the themes of spring mountain, summer breeze, autumn water and winter snow, to interpret the artist’s characteristic perception of situations in the dimensions of time and space.
NAMOC curator Wu Weishan wrote in the preface to the exhibition that Chen took landscapes as the object of expression, voiced his artistic ideal, and found an entry point between the impressionism and paintings of man-of-letter, and between the Soviet and Russian realism and Chinese native paintings. He gave play to the humanistic feelings that expressed frankly his dispositions with flowing lines, and created a bold, unrestrained and subtle image world in the divine encounter of heart and object. He developed a school of his own in Chinese landscape painting sector with fresh and gentle style, saturated and bright colors, intense vision and profound and lasting artistic conception.
NAMOC deputy curator An Yuanyuan expressed sincere thanks to the units and individuals that extended support to the exhibition on behalf of curator Wu Weishan, and paid tribute to Chen for his selfless donation. She briefed the spectacular premiere exhibition in Beijing, and the cultural and social significance of the series of exhibitions of artworks donated to NAMOC.
Guo Xianlu, president of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, extended greetings to Chen and his wife Yang Jianjian. He congratulated Chen for the itinerant exhibition on behalf of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts. He praised Chen as an artist of comprehensive accomplishments, unique in Chinese contemporary oil painting sector, outstanding contribution to flourish culture, and wealth and pride of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts and the artistic circles.
Shaanxi Artists Association chairman Wang Xijing said that Chen returned from Beijing winning high praise, and that was a great event in the Shaanxi fine arts circles. Chen was an outstanding artist and art educator in the contemporary art circle. He was also an artist of the older generation enjoying high prestige and universal respect in the Shaanxi art circle. His artistic creation pushed forward the process of nationalization of oil paintings. Chen has gone after the life and art realms that strike with inspiration rather than artificial endeavor. This exhibition came by the light of nature.
At the opening ceremony, Chen donated Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum two pieces of his works, Ferry and Village Entrance. His wife Yang Jianjian, who was also a famous liquid powder painter, explained the donated works.
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