The 2nd China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition opens in NAMOC

Source:namoc Time:2016-07-08

ON June 8, 2016, the 2nd China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition was ceremoniously inaugurated in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). The activity was sponsored by Chinese Artists Association, and undertaken by the ceramic art committee of Chinese Artists Association and Phoenix Publication and Media Group.  

The exhibition was another grand event after the first China Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition in 2012, and the 12th National Artworks Exhibition in 2014. It marked the ceramic art committee of Chinese Artists Association had stepped in a rapid expansion track in exhibitions since it was established 20 years ago. It also mirrored the vitality and prosperity of Chinese contemporary ceramic art creation circles.  

The exhibition organizing committee received 1,615 pieces of works from 1,143 artists. It selected 242 pieces in the preliminary evaluation in April 2016, and decided to show 206 pieces in the re-evaluation of material objects in May 2016. The exhibited works had brilliant solid modeling to incarnate Chinese quality and language, or rich aesthetic charms to voice the artists’ reflections on life, or absorbed traditional Chinese symbols to show Chinese aesthetic perceptions, or cutting-edge creativity to embody the fashion of modern life.  

These works were permeated with strong emotions in utility and manifestation, tradition and modernity, the oriental and the west. They unfolded before the eyes of audiences new Chinese ceramic art that came out from traditional modeling concept with characteristics of the times. The exhibition sorted out the current situation of Chinese contemporary ceramic art, left over documentary literature for future studies, as well as sincere feelings of Chinese ceramic artists, and enabled the age-old ceramic art to bloom and present the grace of Chinese culture.

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