NAMOC benefits people with evening show

Source:nomac Time:2016-05-30

 May 18, 2016 marked the 40th International Museum Day. To match up to the theme of this year, “museum and cultural landscape”, the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) made preparations for an evening show. It invited audiences to tour NAMOC in the evening. The activity attracted many local residents and Chinese and foreign tourists. Before the evening show opened, audiences waited in a long queue at the gate of NAMOC. Nearly 1,000 people came over, including many senior citizens and children, under lamplights of flowing light and color.

 Six exhibitions were open to the public. The Wen Lipeng oil painting exhibition put on display over 100 representative works, sketches and documents of Wen Lipeng, son a Mr. Wen Yiduo, in various periods. The Invitation Exhibition of Works of Académie des Beaux-Arts Academicians showed 66 excellent works of nine academicians from France, covering oil painting, wood block and painting with composite materials. Richard Yee's Photography Exhibition presented the photography course, exploration and achievement of the artist in the three parts of Scene, Form Exploration and the Past of Hong Kong. Chen Beixin's Oil Painting Exhibition put on display over 200 pieces of oil paintings of the artists. The fine arts exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the death of Lu Xun showed Lu Xun’s fine arts activities in various periods, as well as the formation, structure and impacts of his artistic thoughts. The exhibition of treasures of ancient painting and calligraphy, Snow White Moon in Arms, displayed painting and calligraphy treasures of Ming Dynasty collected in NAMOC.

 Audiences went around the exhibition halls under the guide of staff workers. Some followed the footprints of Lu Xun to acquaint with the process of modern fine arts development in China, and looked for the badge of Peking University designed by Lu Xun. Some were indulged in the exhibition of Académie des Beaux-Arts with a history of 200 years, marveling at the “immortal inheritance” of the artists. Some stopped in the front of the masterpieces of Ming Dynasty collected in NAMOC, to chew the similarities and differences of great masters of traditional culture, and the inherent sequence of thought.

 At 20:30, when staff workers gently reminded audiences “time is up, and the museum is to be closed”, many audiences turned around, reluctant to leave. The audiences said that it was a memorable experienced to visit the palace of art and appreciate national level treasures of art in the evening of a workday. They hoped more such activities are arranged regularly in the future to enrich cultural life of the people.


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