Marks in Mind-Wen Lipeng Oil Painting Art Exhibition unveiled in NAMOC

Source:nomac Time:2016-05-30

In the afternoon of May 13, 2016, Marks in Mind-Wen Lipeng Oil Painting Art Exhibition opened ceremoniously in the National Art Museum of China (NAOMC). The activity, sponsored by NMOC and Central Academy of Fine Arts, is a national fine art works collection and donation award program. It is also a part the exhibition series of artworks donated to NAMOC or collected by NAMOC.
The exhibition presented a full account of artistic creation of Wen Lipeng. Over 130 pieces of classic works created in various periods were put on display in four parts. The first part reviewed Wen’s excellent works, with 27 masterpieces and donated works to show Wen’s oil painting creation. The second part consisted of about 40 pieces of works, created in various stages focusing on figures. They were separated into paintings on Wen Yiduo and paintings on revolutionary martyrs. The third part, with about 40 pieces of works, concentrated on landscape paintings. The fourth part, with about 40 pieces of works in the southern wall of the round hall, were figure and landscape sketches of Wen in various stages.
Wen Linpeng, son a famous poet, scholar and democracy fighter Wen Yiduo, is closely connected with the revolutionary tide of the era at his birth. When Wen Yiduo was murdered in 1946 in Kunming, Wen Lipeng, 15, had a strong experience of the beautiful and ugly, love and hate in the world in grief and indignation. The suffering in life turned into a motive power of artistic expression. Yearnings for his father, respect for revolutionary martyrs, pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful have become eternal themes of his artistic creation. In 1979, Wen felt sharp pain in the tragedy of Zhang Zhixin. “The nameless grief, pain, and mental stress” left him a strong impulse for artistic creation. The Daughter of the Earth was his first creative work after he stopped painting in the decade of Cultural Revolution. He extolled with his painting brush the sincerity and upright personality of the pioneer, and condemned the evil unruly conducts. He called forth people’s conscience towards the true, the good and the beautiful with the social responsibility of an artist.
In landscape painting creation, Wen also endows them with solemn, sublime ideological implications. He combines natural scenery with inner strong feelings, to integrate natural environment with social reality. As the sight stirred up his feelings, Wen created a series of landscape paintings, Memory in 1976, Gale, Midnight and Ocean of Flowers. In these landscape paintings, audiences are touched and inspired in spirit. The Seal of Love, created on the basis of sketch in Mount Changbai, was named after revolutionary martyrs Qu Qiubai and Yang Zhihua. Wen took the image of white birch in praise of the love of the martyrs.

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