A Chinese contemporary art exhibition is on display in Spain

Source:namoc Time:2013-10-28

In celebrating the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the foreign relationship between China and Spain, a Chinese contemporary art exhibition entitled “New vision” is currently on display at Conde Duque Center, Madrid, Spain. Sponsored by the National Art Museum of China and Conde Duque Center, the show is regarded as a return show after a Spanish sculpture exhibition was held at the National Art Museum of China this spring. The first exhibition displayed a total of 79 pieces of sculptures and paintings by 31 accomplished Spanish artists of the 20th century collected by Instituto de Crédito Oficial of Spain.

The exhibition comprises a total of 60 pieces of masterpieces created since the reform and opening up in 1978, including the traditional Chinese paintings, the oil paintings, the sculpture and photograph. The show is hoped to reflect the transition and the new outlook of China in the contemporary time. 

The exhibition comprises three parts, namely, changing time, poetic nature and diverse exploration. The first part mainly reflects in-depth thought about national destiny and sharp observation on social reality by the contemporary artists. The second includes the artworks about the nature by the Chinese contemporary artists. And the last part reflects the diverse outlook of dynamic artistic exploration.

The exhibition is of great significance to cultural exchange between China and Spain as well as an important exchange project of the contemporary artistic exhibition in the history of the Western and the Chinese cultural exchange.

The exhibition will be open since Oct. 15, 2013 until Jan. 5, 2014.


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