A photographic exhibition of Lang Jingshan is on display

Source:namoc Time:2013-10-18

An exhibition titled “Great charm of silent mountains” is recently unveiled at the museum to showcase a great number of photographic artworks by Lang Jingshan in the six decades of artistic devotion.

Lang Jingshan, a master in Chinese photographic circles in the 20th century, is renowned in the fields of the photography, the education and social practice.   

During the exhibition, Lang Yuwen, daughter of Lang Jingshan, donated a total of 134 photographic artworks of the art to the National Art Museum of China including 34 original works and 100 digital original works.

The exhibition consists of three parts, namely, collections, humanity and idyllic conception. It also displays a number of documentary photographic artworks reflecting the humane life including the scenery of Chinese Mainland and Taiwan folk custom. 

The show opens at Hall 4 and 6 until Oct. 30.

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