“From Expressionism to Pop Art”- Werner Berg Works Exhibition Opened

Source: Time:2013-01-07

Werner Berg-from Expressionism to Pop Art Exhibition was opened in National Art Museum of China at 16:00 on January 5, 2013. Werner Berg works come from collection of Austrian collector Joseph Schütz, who has spared on efforts in recent years to engaging in China-Austria cultural exchange and brought works of Mr. Willy Eisenschitz to display in National Art Museum of China in 2011, providing more opportunities for Chinese viewers to get to know Austrian culture and arts.

Born in a wealthy bourgeoisie family in Elberfeld of German, Werner Berg went to Vienna to study arts after graduation from high school and got to know his wife Amalia Kuster, who had a far-reaching influence to his art creation career. In 1931, they moved to remote Ruta Farm and began to live a simple and real life with rich consciousness. Werner obtained Austria nationality in 1947 and died in 1981. Werner’s art typically reflects cultural situation and artistic characteristics of Austrian arts in the 20th century.

Most of Werner Berg’s works depict primitive and simple farmers’ life. Werner Berg applies distinct composition and close shot technique in his oil painting and woodcuts, displaying strong expressiveness. All the exhibited works are themed on scenery and figures at Slovenia and Austria border. Werner Berg sticks to idea of “nothing is more mysterious than crystal clear” in his painting and is enchanted by seeking a concise and clear drawing language.

Werner’s works have been showed in many famous art museums and galleries all over the world including Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Paris, New York and Munich, and collected by numerous important collectors and art museums. Over 70 pieces of oil painting and 16 pieces of woodcut will be on show in the exhibition, which present viewers very unusual painting style of Austria’s modern expressionism painters.

The exhibition will be on show in No.9 Exhibition Hall and last to January 14, 2013.


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