Image of the Present Progressive China- Photography Show Opened at National Art Museum of China

Source: Time:2013-01-06

On the occasion of earnestly learning and carrying out the spirit of the 18th National Congress of The CPC by the Party and all the people of China, Image of the Present Progressive China- Photography Show hosted by Chinese National Academy of Arts and organized by China Photo Magazine of Chinese National Academy of Arts opened at National Art Museum of China at 14:30 on January 6, 2013.

“Image of the Present Progressive China” reviews the brilliant course of striving to be strong and high-spirited mental outlook of Chinese nation on road to rejuvenation under the leadership of CCP. The exhibition contains 5 parts: China taking off, social progress, change of life, cultural prosperity and beautiful China. The exhibited works are rich in contents and present fresh and new scenes of China’s development in economy, politics, culture, society and ecology through wonderful moments captured by camera lenses of photographers. The works grab details of ordinary people’s life with distinctive features of the age to reflect progress of the society, full of emotion and inspiration. The works on show are not only spiritual fruits of the general photographers who have gone to urban and rural and forefront of China’s modernization drive with their camera, but also a real portrayal of development of China in the past decade, which has exceptional documentary value. 

Li Huansheng, a photographer from Yunnan, said in his speech that as a photographer working in the front-line all year round, he was nourished by the beautiful mountains and rivers of Yunnan, intoxicated in grand landscape of modernization construction of the motherland and happy life of all nations. He stressed that the artistic life of a photographer is the circle of life. Therefore, photographer must strive unremittingly to create a large number of good works. The mission of photographers is to record the history and extol the era.

It is learned that the exhibition will be on show at No.1 and No. 8 Exhibition Hall and last to January 14, 2013.

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