Image of Fushun-Exhibition on Excellent Work Of Arts of Fushun opened at National Art Museum of China

Source: Time:2013-01-06

Image of Fushun-Exhibition on Excellent Work of Arts of Fushun grandly opened at National Art Museum of China at 10:00 on January 5, 2013.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was presided over by Liu Shi, Vice Mayor of Fushun. Yu Guowei, Deputy Party Secretary of Fushun and Guo Xingwen, Vice President of Liaoning Literary and Art Circles addressed at the ceremony. Yu Guowei said in his speech that Fushun had a profound cultural background. As birth place of Manchu culture and cradle of New China’s industry, Fushun possesses unique human landscape and beautiful natural scenery, full of magical colors. Rich and diversified culture provides live material and inspiration to Fushun’s artistic creation and contributes to distinctive style of Fushun arts and a large number of excellent artistic works. Yu Guowei expected that the exhibition would enhance quality of painting and calligraphy arts and level of painters and calligraphers of Fushun, and promote Fushun’s art to achieve further development.

The exhibition displays 109 pieces of works of Fushun painters and covers a variety of category including Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor and woodcut, showing diversity and openness sought by Fushun art circle. The artists pour deep love and feelings to their hometown into brush of their hands and present Fushun’s natural scenery, human landscape, local customs and practices and region culture from different angles, showing distinct spirit of the time, strong local features, the whole level of artistic creation and vitality of individual artist of Fushun. The theme, contents, brushwork and composition of pictures of the exhibited works all fully embody the inheritance to tradition and persistence in innovation, alive with artistic view and taste of seeking novelty and change.

The exhibition will last to January 14, 2012.

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