Cheng Xiaoqi’s Chinese Painting Exhibition Opens

Source: Time:2013-01-05

Whisper of Lotus—Cheng Xiaoqi's Chinese Painting Exhibition was opened in National Art Museum of China at 10:00 on December 30, 2012. The exhibition shows over 40 pieces of Chinese paintings on lotus and landscapes using lotus leave cun – a technique of drawing landscape with brushwork of lotus leaf vein.

The exhibition themed on “whisper of lotus” contains 2 parts: Chinese paintings depicting lotus and landscapes applying lotus leave cun technique. Lotus symbolizes a quality of being unstained, clean and impeccable. Chinese literatus have lotus carry Confucian culture of thousands of years in their works, for example “come out of the dirty mud unsoiled”, “little lotus just bud”. In Cheng Xiaoqi’s eyes, lotus, like “Tao” in Chinese traditional philosophy, is unity of “to be” and “not to be”. Therefore, taking “whisper of lotus” as the theme of the exhibition, Cheng emphasizes that lotus displays a life state of ”to be” with a special physical form on one hand, and lays more stress on expressing spiritual “not to be” in artistic language on the other hand.

Luo Yiping, Curator of the exhibition and Director of Guangdong Museum of Art, believes that what Cheng Xiaoqi cares is not similarity between his lotus and the real ones but nature expression with brush and ink, that is, “cultural code” in painter’s subconsciousness constituted by feeling and charm of stroke when depicting the target with brush and ink.

As a senior media worker, Cheng Xiaoqi was very fond of painting in his spare time. He selects lotus as his creative subject and goes beyond the traditional “lotus painting” themes through consistent exploration in the past decade and strives to pursue higher artistic state. Cheng’s paintings give a visual impact to people with unique visual image and application to color and ink. He creates brushwork of “lotus leaf cun” and applies this technique to rocks and mist painting, depicting landscape with language of lotus painting so as to form his own style and introduce modern elements and life to his works.

It is learned that Whisper of Lotus-Cheng Xiaoqi's Chinese Painting Exhibition will be on show in No.6 Exhibition Hall and last to January 3, 2013. 

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