“Chen Xiao’s World of Colors”- Chinese New Zealand Painter’s Exhibition China Tour Launched

Source: Time:2013-01-01

“Chen Xiao’s World of Colors” was opened at National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) at 14:00 on December 29, 2012 and this exhibition is the first of his China tour of Chen Xiao, a New Zealand Painter with Chinese origin. Chinese Modern & Contemporary Art Document offers academic support to this exhibition.

The exhibition shows over 40 pieces of typical “Chen Xiao Style” oil paintings and aims at displaying artistic creation development, technique change and artistic features of Chen Xiao after going to Australia and New Zealand in the past 26 years. The exhibits are filled with distinctive personality, expressionistic language, strong Western aesthetic form and Chinese literati paintings’ spirits.

Chen Xiao was born in gentlefolk in Zhejiang Province and immersed in artistic atmosphere in early years. He repeatedly took part in Zhejiang 85 New Space Exhibition, Zhejiang Art Exhibitions and The National Art Exhibitions. In 1986, Chen Xiao began to study abroad in Australia and later migrated to New Zealand. Chen Xiao still has Chinese traditional culture in his blood though living abroad for many years. Chen Xiao has been committed to exploring the relationship between oriental elements and artistic spirit of western idealism, and pointed out the local multicultural values of New Zealand, and described the idealism spirit world of the westerners with aesthetic expressionism technique, so as to show the social beliefs, religious beliefs, contemporary thoughts and feelings of New Zealand which is full of multicultural values.

Chen Xiao intends to show his love to nature with contents and meanings of his works and expects his paintings to move people and arouse their environmental protection awareness. Mr. Chen Xiao will auction some of the exhibited works during the exhibition and donate the earnings to local excellent environmental protection organizations and individuals. After the exhibition tour, Mr. Chen Xiao will donate all proceeds from auction of his works to Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of P. R. China or some environmental protection foundation to evoke people’s care to nature with environmental protection ideas of “restoring a colorful world”.

It is learned that the exhibition will last of January 14, 2013.

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