Eco-photography Exhibition of Yang Xiaoning Opens

Source: Time:2013-01-01

Spirituality-Eco-photography Exhibition of Yang Xiaoning opened at National Art Museum of China(NAMOC)at 9:30 on December 29, 2012. This exhibition is to response to new task of building ecological civilization put forward by the 18th National Congress of The Communist Party of China and displays 50 pieces of eco-photography works of Mr.Yang Xiaoning on egret, mandarin duck, swan and so on. Humanistic spirit is endowed to these pure, noble “auspicious bird” by Yang Xiaoning to extol beautiful, picturesque China.

Mr.Yang Xiaoning particularly loves eco-photography. He has gone deep into nature and been close to creatures and studied their life habits. For years, he has systematically filmed the propagation and growing process of egret, the lively paddle of mandarin duck, the migratory hardships of swan, and moments of life of many wild birds.

Born in Jiangxi Province in 1949, Yang Xiaoning grows up in the countryside and has worked in rural area for a long time.  The exceptional advantage brings him deep affection to the rural area. Yang Xiaoning began his photography career in 1980s and focused to the countryside where he grew up after 2004 and created series of works on “agriculture, farmer, countryside” and ecology; Yang Xiaoning approaches the nature and achieves his unique understanding to ecological civilization. He expects to evoke people’s spirituous consciousness for caring about harmony of nature and loving all creatures through this exhibition.

The 50 multiple and slow shutter images on display were filmed with multiple exposure and slow shutter techniques, which makes the pictures both real and virtual like cursive script in calligraphy and freehand in painting; Under his lens, the posture of bird is partly hidden and partly visible and presents the beautiful moments of life; Yang Xiaoning’s works are seemingly unreal and virtual but lithe and graceful, and have abstract ethereal feelings for readers to imagine. According to Yang Xiaoning, this novel technique attracts many photography enthusiasts. He introduced that multiple exposure was a traditional photography technique and had been mostly used for still-life shooting in the past; The difficulty of shooting moving objects in this technique lied in exposure and mastery to moving speed of the objects. Yang also expressed that it was his new goal to take pictures with new artistic conception with traditional techniques.

It is learned that the exhibition will be on show at No.4 Exhibition Hall and last to January 3, 2013.


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