Works Donation Ceremony for Li Qun’s One-Hundred-Year Anniversary held in NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-12-28

Works Donation Ceremony for Li Qun’s One-Hundred-Year Anniversary sponsored by National Art Museum of China was held in NAMOC at 15:00 on December 26, 2012. Mr. Li Qun donated all his woodcut collections to the State in 2006. On the occasion of Li Qun’s one-hundred-year anniversary, his family members, inheriting Li Qun’s spirit of “art for the people”, once again donated the remained print originals of Li Qun at home to NAMOC. This donation is the largest in NAMOC’s collection on print artists’ manuscripts and also a big harvest of 2012 for “20th Century National Arts Collection and Donation Reward Program”.

Liang Jiang, Deputy Director of NAMOC presided at the Works Donation Ceremony. Fan Dian, Director of NAMOC, Jiang Lu, Director of Engraving Art Committee of Chinese Artist's Association, Guangjun, President of Print Institute of China National Academy of Painting as well as family members and friends of Li Qun attended the ceremony. All the participants recalled Mr. Li Qun, reviewed his art course and were moved by his artistic spirit.

The donation contains 176 pieces of works which are woodcut originals recording the master’s engraving career taking knife as a pen and become even more precious due to its uniqueness. Among the donation, there are 166 woodcut originals of 87 pieces of engraving works, 1 piece of Chinese painting, 1 piece of calligraphy, 7 pieces of rough sketches, 1 oil painting “Li Qun’s Portrait” by Yang Mingshan as well as engraving tools used by Li Qun, manuscripts, letters, certificates and documents. This donation adds brilliance to NAMOC’s previous 118 pieces of collection on Li Qun’s print works and provides complete and detail relics and materials for displaying and doing research into creation of Mr. Li Qun. Thus, the collection of NAMOC has almost covered complete woodcut originals of representative works of Li Qun in all stages, and together with engraving works, can manifests thought development and course of creation pursued by Mr. Li Qun throughout his life.

Li Qun(1912—2012), original name Hao Lichun, distinguished woodcut artist in China. Li Qun is one of the representative figures of New Woodcut Movement in China and model of “Yan’an School” printmaking artists. Li’s over 70-year artistic career runs through most of China’s art development history of the 20th century, with distinct characteristics and fruitful achievements.
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