Watercolor Works Exhibition of Li Xiaocheng Opens

Source: Time:2012-12-27

Watercolor Works Exhibition of Li Xiaocheng opened at National Art Museum of China(NAMOC) at 10:00 on December 25, 2012.

Li Xiaocheng graduated from watercolor major of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts’ department of education. During the study in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Li Xiaocheng was taught by Mr. Wang Zhaomin, master of watercolor, and other famous teachers such as Hu Juzhan, Chen Xiu’e and became one of the most excellent students graduated from watercolor major of China’s universities in 1980s. In the past decades, Li Xiaocheng has taken watercolor as his lifetime pursuit and done much exploration to technique and artistic form of watercolor. Inheriting techniques of masters and emphasizing application of “ontological language” of Western watercolor painting while borrowing “rush-white” and “rush-water” technique of Lingnan School and gilding craft of Chaoshan folk art, Li Xiaocheng has made great achievements in integrating Chinese and Western aesthetic culture and using modern visual schema to show local cultural features, presenting a watercolor style that possesses Chinese spirit.

The watercolor works on view are the current projects of Li Xiaocheng, which are divided into “Chaoshan folk-custom collection” and “lotus collection”. The works display documentary visual power of watercolor and the creator’s philosophy thinking on water culture. “lotus collection” presents both color change of oil painting and elegance of Chinese painting, embodying inheritance to freehand technique of traditional Chinese painting in his watercolor creation; “Chaoshan folk-custom collection” displays his profound study to Chaoshan culture and precious memory to folk life.

It is learned that the exhibition will last to January 3, 2013.


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