Images and Words: Since Magritte Era Exhibition Opens

Source: Time:2012-12-26

Images and Words: Since Magritte Era co-hosted by National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) was opened at NAMOC at 15:00 on December 21,2012.. The exhibition is an event of “2012 Europe-China Cultural Dialogue Year” and a key art program of China and Wallonie-Bruxelles Region Cultural Exchange Agreement.   

This exhibition focuses on exploration to the relationship between painting, plastic art and words, writing. There are 95 pieces of works on show, in which 81 pieces(sets) come from Belgium and 14 pieces(sets) from China. Works in different creative context echo one with another, providing a wide and firm angle of view to “relationship between images and words” though not in an all-rounded way. In addition, Magritte’s oil paintings and sketch manuscripts such as “Original Meaning” (1929), “Betray of Image”(1935, and its several variant versions of the same series), “Smile”(1951) are also displayed on the exhibition, fully showing unremitting pursuit of Magritte to subject of “Images and Words” during different stage of his career.

With Magritte as the original point, the exhibition shows the continuous exploration to “Images and Words” by generations of artists from both Belgium and China. Magritte is an artist with the greatest influence in Belgium and the first artist to pay attention to “Images and Words” in Western history of modern art. In December 1929, Magritte published the article “Images and Words” on Surrealism Revolution and comprehensively elaborated various kinds of reflections on images and words of artists under background of surrealism movement in Europe at the end of 1920s.

Since Magritte era, there have been many artists studying “Images and Words” subject with literature/writing point of view and Dotrement, one of the founders of CoBrA is a representative. Dotrement began his study from creation of “word image” in 1960 and stressed experimental between improvisational potential and writing expression, exploring relationship between meaning and writing form. The more recent contemporary artists like Corleone, Vieira and Lecomte went further to break through limitation of media and brought “Images and Words” subject to speculation closer to the era by visual, installation and audio forms of art.

Besides, works of 14 Chinese artists are displayed in the exhibition and their artistic works on “Images” and “Words” have a cross-regional dialogue with Belgium art in history. The exhibits from Chinese side include master works of Zhang Peili, hailed as “Father of Image” in China, Zhou Tiehai, the purest conceptual artist in modern China as well as works of Wang Dongling and Zhang Hao, calligraphers who have made great achievements in traditional calligraphy.

The exhibition will last to January 14, 2013.

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