The Second Plastic Art Exhibition for Newcomer Artists

Source: Time:2012-12-18

The Second Plastic Art Exhibition for Newcomer Artists 2012 opened at National Art Museum of China(NAMOC) on December 16, 2012.

The theme of the exhibition is “Integrate· Transcend”—Cultural Value of Plastic Art in Modern Society”. Its tenet is advocating the inheritance and innovation of Chinese traditional art, presenting plastic art works complying with time and reality, training and recommending new person, promoting social harmonious development. Its purpose is to, through the practice and theory research of plastic art, seek ways to catch contemporary plastic art academic idea, interpret realistic questions existing in contemporary plastic art creation study, and aggressively explore, continue to put up new innovative works.

With earnest and sincere spirit, fully making use of their technique advantage and absorbing achievements of foreign culture and art, the young artists make great efforts to study plastic art ‘s nationalization, regionalism and cultural values in modern society, exploring the true meaning of humanity art in learning, seeking expressive forms they expect to use in practice and creating their unique artistic languages gradually. The artistic talents and innovative fruits of these young artists are displayed through platform of exhibitions and exchange.

This exhibition will exhibit 5 pieces of newcomer excellent works, 10 pieces of newcomer fine works, 30 pieces of newcomer nominated works, 128 pieces of works that get in the final, 173 pieces of works altogether, which are selected from over 5000 pieces of works contribute nationwide. The exhibited works come from all the social fields, including teachers and students in art major, professional painters. All those works not only have rich subjects but also contains multiple art forms such as Chinese painting, oil painting, engraving, sculpture, watercolor, lacquer painting and design.The works are filled with artistic talents, personalities and dreams of these young artists and are epitome of development prospect of China’s contemporary young artists.

This exhibition will last to December 26.

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