A Line: Tan Ping Solo Exhibition 2012

Source: Time:2012-12-17

 A Line: Tan Ping Solo Exhibition held at National Art Museum of China(NAMC)-the most important national art museum in China from 7 to 13 December 2012 is the first exhibition of abstract artist displayed in main exhibition hall of NAMC. The work”+40m” created specially for NAMC by Tan Ping will be on show in the exhibition. Zhu Qingsheng, curator of the exhibition, professor of Beijing University, an important figure in China’s contemporary artistic and critical field, will try to reveal the course of creation of the most famous abstract artist in China by presenting Tan Ping’s oil paintings and print works.

The work”+40m” created particularly for National Art Museum of China by Tan Ping presents a uniqueness developed from Baptism of Chinese and Western Art in his early stage. This uniqueness a social responsibility, a trace of his sturdy and liberated advance through self-motivation and hardworking, a line continued from the thousand-year tradition of Chinese Calligraphy as a condense of his inner poetry as well as human solicitude. The line bears the artist’ cultivation, knowledge, experience and life awareness—simple and rich, subtle yet fully-expressed, and touch the heart of viewer.

Focusing on “+40m”, China’s Contemporary Art Archives Department of Beijing University led by Zhu Qingsheng, the exhibition curator, has made a systematic and in-depth study to Tan Ping’s arts. From aspect of cultural tradition of Tan Ping’s creative arts, they intend to show the distinction and innovation of “A Line” compared with various artistries and artistic skills of modern arts through deep study and comparison between Chinese calligraphy history and Western art history; From aspect of history of Tan Ping’s creative arts, they intend to show origin and evolution of “A Line” through study the complete archives of Tan Ping’s art works all his life.

With a global viewpoint of arts and language of abstract artist, Tan Ping realizes the perfect combination of Eastern and Western culture in human’s perceptual and rational cognition. New media form such as interaction will also be applied in the exhibition, which will bring abstract art to the leading edge of modern art and also change the traditional exhibition visiting and displaying manner.

The exhibition will invite distinguished curators and planners of modern art museums of the world to attend the opening ceremony and workshop to do academic visit and promote high-level academic exchange between Chinese modern arts and the rest of the world.

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