Heavy Colored Drawing Exhibition of Talin Tuoya Open at NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-12-07

Heavy Colored Drawing Exhibition of Talin Tuoya focusing on reflecting frontier ethnic feeling and military themes was opened at National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) on December 4. Talin Tuoya is a professor of Art Department of the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts and has been engaged in printmaking for a long time. In recent years, she turned to heavy colored drawing. The works in this exhibition are mainly on subjects of revolutionary history, army life and ethnic feeling.             

Talin Tuoya started printmaking from 1979and her print works have won gold, silver and bronze award of national level art exhibitions for several times. This exhibition is a bold attempt of Talin Tuoya using new tool and creation techniques to restructure former print works, in which the art skills are refreshing, and this new attempt won approval and praise from many professional colleagues.

Talin Tuoya’s print works are deeply loved by the people because they apply synthetic artistic languages, in which color is one of the most essential elements. With single color or several bright mixed colors, she makes up passionate and poetic pictures in harmonious tone. Turning from black-white woodcut to colored woodcut in her early years, she realized irreplaceable function of colors in painting. Talin Tuoya boldly uses color-contrast technique in printmaking and gives pictures fantastic color aesthetics. Having made great achievements in printmaking, Talin Tuoya felt that her talents in color had been restrained all the time and could not be displayed in her artistic practice.

At present, these new heavy colored drawings are another attempt of Talin Tuoya based on print works, and a release of her color power. “Born out of chromatic prints” and following themes and composition of former colored woodcuts and chromatic prints, all these new works are restructure and re-creation to them. To this end, she devoted a large amount of time and energy. From selection of paper, color and tools to new color concept and skill applications, Talin Tuoya has made repeated, painstaking trials and exploration. These new works give out fresh splendor with magnificent, varied, richly-toned colors while distinguish themselves from other heavy colored drawings such as oil painting, crayon with unique artistic effects.

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