Zhao Meisheng Art Exhibition Open at NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-12-07

“Floating Fragrance upon Snowy World—Zhao Meisheng Art Exhibition” opened at National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) on December 3. Zhao Meisheng was born at Wenxi Couty of Shanxi Province in 1925. His works are novel on perspective, ideas and vocabulary and have a strong visual impact. Zhao Meisheng possesses high traditional artistic appreciation, a solid grounding in brushstroke techniques as well as strong modern thinking. His works, being rich in subject and refreshing, have been selected to show in The 6th and 8th National Art Exhibition and several National Flower-And-Bird Painting Exhibitions. His artistic achievements have been compiled into China's Modern Complete Works of Art. Zhao Meisheng has published several albums and his works have been widely collected by all circles at home and abroad.

This exhibition will exhibit about 100 hundred boutiques created by Zhao Meisheng at different decades and different periods. Though 88 Years old, Zhao’s new works remain creative and new, with “past artistic perception” but no “rigidness”. The fusion of Chinese traditional culture and western modern art, multiple art forms evolution—all happened in his 70 years’ art life, completed his innovative flower-and-bird painting world. He painted his works smoothly, boldly and unconstrained. Some of the works are lyrics while some are allegorical. They all hold the pulse of the time and are permeated with fresh air. This is for the time that Zhao Meisheng has ever held his personal art show in National Museum of China and the exhibition will present the visitors a high grade Chinese painting world.

Zhao Meisheng is a member of Chinese Artists Association and his remarkable achievements in painting and unique understanding and creative practices to Chinese painting are undoubtedly a valuable fortune. His creative philosophy of breaking out of the old conventional ideas and stereotypes, and especially his great ambition to artistic career and Chinese painting at a very old age will surely have a far-reaching significance to the successors.

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