Li Jiangfeng Exhibition Open at NAMOC

Source: Time:2012-12-07

Li Jiangfeng Exhibition was opened at No.4 and No. 6 Exhibition Hall of National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) at 3 pm on December 2, 2012. This exhibition displayed works of artist Li Jiangfeng in recent years, including scenery creating series(including nature series, sunflower field series, grand rivers and mountains series), landscape sketch, inanimate objects paintings which altogether amount to about 40 pieces. Grand and far-reaching scenery, cozy landscape sketches, quiet and refined inanimate object paintings—all these recount to you the painter’s love and revere to nature and her feeling to the happy of the life.

Born at Chengde, Hebei Province in November 1969, Li Jiangfeng is an associate professor, member of Chinese Artist's Association, professional painter of Beijing Painting Academy. She is now living in Beijing.In recent years, Li Jiangfeng’s several works have been on show in large exhibitions and won prizes at home and abroad. Many media made special reports on her and her works have been collected by domestic and overseas organizations and individuals. 20 years ago, 23-year-old Li Jiangfeng, an upstart knowing nothing and fearing nothing, held her first solo show at NAMOC. 20 years later, Li Jiangfeng took her works to show at NAMOC one more time and now her painting language has been sui generis. Symbolization of color, together with the writing of pen, makes her works obtain the features of “Chinese Oil Painting” and casts off the trace of some western style. Instead of beauty and aesthetic filled in common female painters, her paintings are full of masculinity and honesty and generosity. Her works has dignified and heavy color, sophisticated line. Viewing angle and painting style are sui generis so that they gained the character of freehand and brushwork of Chinese paintings.

This exhibition mainly displays her “big scenery works”. The pictures of her works will always be touching with free, natural and vivid brushstroke, and fascinating by her romantic charm superbly crafted and finely honed.

“Sunflower” is a very important artistic element of Li Jiangfeng’s works. The sunflowers under her brush give another aesthetic shock to viewers. It is not 2 or 3 sunflowers but sunflower fields which are towered, straight, luxuriant all over in the fall. The sunflower paintings contains her nostalgic sentiments, and are actually some kind of recurrence of her memory to grow-up and reflection to her mind, which accomplishes the main characteristics of Li Jiangfeng’s scenery paintings. Only in this way can her scenery go beyond nature to be a symbol of life of her generation, a theme of individual growth, a human portrayal of life.

Li Jiangfeng has created a large number of field scenery paintings in recent years, from sunflower, twitch-grass in the north to rape flower in the south and all provide much food for thought with her special features. The value of arts lies on original creation and Li Jiangfeng finds her unique painting language by virtue of her own distinct life experience and builds a characteristic aesthetic value of Li Jiangfeng’s works.


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